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Noa (ノア) is an alien from The☆Ultraman, hailing from the eighty second planet of the Cygnus Constellation.



On her home planet, a world similar to Earth, the sun had become a red giant, causing the temperature of her world to rise, turning it into a desert planet. To combat this her father, the head of the Space Energy Development Department, created a device to combat the rising temperatures, a device that produced a freezing energy, both called Freezer G. However, as father and daughter were testing the device a small spider like creature had gotten into the capsule before it was turned on mutating it into Darantulas. The monster killed her father, but as he laid dying, he gave her the Super Magma Capsule, and energy that could defeat the monster, but told her to find Ultraman, as he was the only one who could synchronize with it, due to his Planium Energy.

Noa took of to Earth to find him, but Darantulas followed sensing her mission. She crashed landed in the Japanese Alps, and there Darantulas created a massive blizzard as it searched for her. Her attempts to contact people, with her wolf companion caused them to mistake her as a Snow Woman. In time her companion lured Hikari to her rejuvenation chamber, where she explained that only he opened his mind to her telepathy, and explain her backstory, handing him the capsule to give to Ultraman as Darantulas attacked.

After Ultraman destroyed the monster, she thanked him and Hikari before departing in her space ship, with her wolf companion.


  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Weakness: *Earth atmosphere is ultimately poisonous to her, meaning she has to spend most of her time in a capsule, likely to heal her as she stated outside the capsule her life would last but for a few hours.
Powers and Weapons
  • Telepathy: She can communicate telepathically, but only with beings who can open their minds to it.


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