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Multiple Nipponosaurus (二ッポノサウルス Nippono Saurusu) appeared in the series, Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon, as mind controlled beast and as allies who assisted Koseider in battle with the Alien Godmes.

Subtitle: Duck Billed Dinosaur (くちばし恐竜 Kuchibashi Kyōryū)


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon

Many of these gentle giants were victims to the Alien Godmes invasion, and when the time came, they assisted the red warrior, Koseider in his battle.

One Nipponosaurus was seen attempting to fight Tyrannosaurus Jackie but was tossed off a water fall and killed.

One Nipponosaurus seemed to lead the princess and the robot to a location.

An individual that survived an Alien Godmes attack on a dinosaur reserve farm, was adopted by the Koseidon Corps, and shows some intellect, such as learning tricks.


  • Nipponosaurus seems to constantly fight Triceratops for unknown reasons.
  • These dinosaurs seemed to interact with Koseidon Corps frequently, compared to other prehistoric animals.
  • The size of the saurian changed depending on the scene. One scene would feature it towering over 30 foot tall trees, the next, it'd be slightly taller then a human.


  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Varies
  • Origin: Prehistoric Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Jaws: Despite being a herbivore, Nipponosaurus have very strong jaws. An individual in the 21st century bit a woman, and caused the woman to scream in pain.
  • Strength: Nipponosaurus also have alot of strength. They can kill a dog quite easily with a swipe.


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