Nina (ニーナ Nīna) is an alien girl that appeared in Ultraman Max.

Subtitle: Ice Beauty (氷の美女 Kōri no Bijo)


Ultraman Max

One day, an earthquake was detected in the Antarctica, forming several crevasses of ice. Later, a human figure was found but the woman had been revealed to be frozen for 100,000 years. The person who founded her named the figure Nina instinctivly. She was placed at the Base Titan for further investigations. DASH speculated that she is an alien due to her skin not ageing, bur Dr. Yukari's tests all showed human DNA.

A monster named Eraga awakened, moving north. Its growl had awakened Nina at the Base Titan. Back at the base, Nina telephatically lured Koba to her freezer where she escaped and read humanity's memories via his DNA. She hijacked the DASH Alpha as Eraga resurfaced at the Kagamiwa Shore. Nina lured Koba to her revealing that 100,000 years ago, her kind gave humanity the ability to think but seeing humanity now had made her awakening Eraga and proceed to attempt to destroy humanity, taunting Koba's inability to kill her after telling him her link to Eraga, as it steadily began to overpower Max. Koba eventually fatally shoots her, allowing Max to kill the monster. Nina vanished into thin air as Koba and the others wondered whether humanity is a failure.


  • Played by Saki Ueryo.
  • It is heavily implied she is humanity's ancestor in Ultraman Max's universe given that her DNA is close to humans and her dialogue despite being an alien.


Powers and Weapons
  • Antioxidant Skin: Nina's skin possess an ability to preserve her body despite being frozen for 100,000 years.
  • Memory Reading: Nina learned humanity's memories by scanning Koba's mind.
  • Telepathy: Nina can communicate with others via telephaty. She can also use this to empower Eraga.
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