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"Akame-sama, the guardian god of Kuzuryu Village, sleeps at this shrine.
In the ancient past, Akame-sama fell from the sky during an eclipse, and to provide tribute it, the people of Kuzuryu gave up their lives and became human sacrifices. Everyone who was sacrificed had entered a state of depression and fell into a sleeping illness. A graceful shrine maiden showed mercy to Akame-sama, and quelled it into this shrine.

―The legend of Night Fang, who was known as "Akame-sama" to the people of Kuzuryu Village

Night Fang (ナイトファング Naito Fangu)[1] is a Kaiju that first appeared in episodes 7 and 8 of Ultraman Taiga.

Subtitle: Nightmare Monster (悪夢魔獣 Akumu Ma-jū)[1]


Ultraman Taiga

Night Fangs were a species of monsters that induced nightmares in humans and Ultras through sound waves.

A Night Fang arrived in ancient times at Kuzuryu Village during a solar eclipse, and caused disasters. However, the villagers were protected as long as they gave it human sacrifices. These sacrifices eventually led the village to go off the map as all the visitors, and the villagers themselves, sacrificed themselves to Night Fang. It was sealed into a mountain by a shrine maiden, who used the power of a shining sword formed from the energy of the Earth to trap it within a mountain. The village remained populated by the spirits of those sacrificed to Night Fang.

Many years later, it is both revered and feared by the villagers, who call it by the name Akame-sama (赤目アカメlit. Lord Red-Eyes). An Alien Babarue and his accomplice Alien Hook disguised as ordinary humans to unleash Night Fang, but they needed to use the net idol Ai Tennoji's powers, since she was the reincarnation of the shrine maiden who once sealed away Night Fang. To that end, the Babarue posed as her producer. Eventually, the aliens took off their disguises and forced Ai to unseal Night Fang, who reappeared under an eclipse after the aliens were dealt with, and the spirits of the sacrifices disappeared. It easily blasted Ultraman Fuma down with its fireballs and fought against Ultraman Taiga but Taiga was no match for it. To the Demon's Mountain!! Even after getting hit by the Aqua Blaster, Night Fang took off towards the city.

As soon as it landed, Night Fang emitted sound waves from its third eye, causing everyone in the vicinity to fall asleep and get trapped in nightmares, which Night Fang fed off of. Luckily, Pirika Asahikawa, who was still awake due to wearing headphones that muffled out the sounds, woke the city up using a noise cancelling wave. Hiroyuki Kudo quickly transformed into Taiga, but was still not a match for Night Fang. Seeing this, Ai Tennoji went to aid Taiga by drawing out the remains of the Earth energy within Night Fang, to summon the sword of light that once sealed it away, and granted it to Taiga. The Taiga Key Holder reacted with it and absorbed its energy, transforming Taiga into his new form, Photon-Earth. With the power of the Earth within him, Taiga trounced Night Fang and destroyed it once and for all with the Aurum Strium. From its remains, the Night Fang Ring emerged and was retrieved by Hiroyuki. Defeat the Demon

Night Fang returned when Kirisaki summoned it from its Kaiju Ring to stop Ultraman Fuma and Ultraman Titas from reaching Taiga, who had been corrupted by Ultraman Tregear. However, Titas, Fuma and Hiroyuki had managed to rescue Taiga from the darkness, granting him his newest from - Tri-Strium. Using the Taiga Tri Blade, Taiga finished off Night Fang by slashing it repeatedly. We Are One


  • Designer: Daisuke Inomoto
  • According to director Makoto Kamiya, Night Fang is designed after the creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos.[2] Based on its design and backstory, Night Fang is mostly likely to resemble Cyäegha, a Great Old One that was imprisoned while still having its own cult of followers from the outside world.
    • Like Gatanothor, another monster based on the Cthulhu Mythos, Night Fang's mouth is located above its (main) eyes.
  • Originally Chimeraberus' suit was to be drastically modified to make Night Fang. For unknown reasons however, it was decided that a new suit would be made instead.

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

After Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu were defeated by the Grimdo-possessed Ultraman Taro, the Night Fang Ring was taken from Taiga by Kirisaki. Tregear later revived Night Fang and other monsters to fight alongside him and Taro against the New Generation Heroes. Night Fang fought against Ultraman Orb, and receives a power up from Grimdo. However, Ultraman Geed transforms into Ultimate Final to finish off Night Fang. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Night Fang before getting killed by Taro's Ultra Dynamite

As Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Tregear were investigating strange energy readings on Planet Deastar, a Night Fang was summoned by Absolute Tartarus. Taro engaged him in battle, but was powerless to stop Night Fang from firing his Nightmare Wave at Tregear, causing the Ultra to experience visions of his former Chief turning to the dark side. Tartarus conversed with Tregear afterwards, showing him his future and eventually convincing him to join his cause. Taro meanwhile finished off Night Fang with his Ultra Dynamite, but was too late to reach his friend. The Divergence



  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 62,000 t
  • Origin: Kuzuryu Village
Powers and Weapons
  • Nightmare Wave (ナイトメアウェイブ Naitomea Ueibu): Night Fang's crest opens to reveal a third eye, which then releases sound waves that can induce nightmares. This effect can be negated by drowning out the noise through headphones, mufflers or noise-cancelling waves but for some reason Kirisaki is unaffected as well. They are also strong enough to knock back an Ultra.
    • Nightmare Absorption: Night Fang feeds off the nightmares people have.
  • Fang Volball (ファングヴォルボール Fangu Vorubōru): Night Fang shoots fireballs from the top of its head. These fireballs are strong enough to defeat an Ultra, even if their Color Timer is at full power.
  • Flight: Night Fang uses its wings to fly.
  • Durability: Night Fang's hide is shown to be rather tough as it could shrug off Taiga's Aqua Blaster and continue flying.
  • Tentacles: Night Fang uses its tentacles to grab, whip and batter opponents.


Ultraman Taiga

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax



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