Nice To Meet You, Brother (はじめまして、兄さん Hajimemashite, Nīsan) is the ninth episode of the first season of ULTRAMAN. It adapts chapters 30 to 35 of the manga.


Shinijiro fears that his cover may be blown by an underclassman. Later on, he's taken aback when a rogue Ultraman shows up to aid him in battle.





Anime and Manga Differences

  • The aftermath of Rena's concert is completely changed, skipping ahead to later parts.
  • Jack does not bring Red with him to see Shinjiro.
  • Edo going to see Ambassador Mephisto is not adapted.
  • The aliens killed in the sewer are changed to Alien Pitt instead of generic aliens.
  • The end of Shinjiro and Rena's first conversation at the SSSP base ends slightly differently.
  • The entire scene of Ace fighting the thugs is a new addition.
  • The scene of Rena talking to Shiraishi plays out slightly differently in the manga. There, she was talking to a female worker before her unnamed manager comes in to show her a photo of Ace.
  • Endo and Kurata's conversation in the police station is slightly altered.
  • Seiji uses an alien-looking device to hack into Shinjiro's phone. In the manga, he simply uses his own handphone.
  • Shinjiro's fight with the Biological Weapon begins differently.
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