The rat monster Nezugira (ネズギラー Nezugirā) was a fiend introduced in the Tsuburaya series, Emergency Directive 10-4·10-10.


Emergency Directive 10-4·10-10

Due to radioactive mines invading the rat's territory the rat becomes super huge. It eats people dragging them into the sewers.


  • Nezugira's suit looks similar to Latitude Zero's Giant Rat.
  • Nezugira looks and sounds similar to the unmade Daiei/Kudokawa monster Nezura.


  • Length: 3 m
  • Weight: 99 kg
  • Origin: Earth
  • Weakness: Nezugira is very sensitive to strong smells.
Powers and Weapons
  • Fangs: Like all rats, Nezugira has massive frontal teeth that can bite through rocks.


Emergency Directive 10-4·10-10

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