New Century Hero Birth! (新世紀ヒーロー誕生! Shinseiki Hīrō!) is the 1st episode of Denkou Choujin Gridman.


The story begins with Naoto, Yuka, and Ippei successfully constructed a fully-functional homemade computer, Junk, with Ippei took his time creating a 3D image of a superhero model he christened as Lightning Superhuman Gridman. On the next day, Yuka unintentionally hurted Takeshi's feelings at the school, causing him to retaliate by hacking computer system of her family's hospital and endangering Daichi (Naoto's little brother) in process. Determined to save Daichi's life, Naoto, accompanied by Yuka and Ippei, utilized the Junk to access the hospital's computer system via. the internet only to see the perpetrator being a powerful kaiju-like computer virus. Fortunately, the trio received an unexpected assistance from an interdimensional being who coincidently, shared his name with that of Ippei's 3D superhero model, the Hyper Agent Gridman himself. Chosing Naoto as his host, the two combat the kaiju and restored the damage it done on the computer system in Inoue family's hospital, saving Daichi's life albeit the Junk severely damaged due to the strain from Naoto and Gridman's merging.





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