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New Century 2003 Ultraman Legend: THE KING'S JUBILEE (新世紀2003 ウルトラマン伝説 THE KING'S JUBILEE, Shinseiki Nisensan Urutoraman Densetsu Za Kingusu Jubirī) is a short movie that was simultaneously shown alongside Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle. It features all the Ultras who had been introduced up to and including Ultraman Justice. The movie is about the Ultras celebrating Ultraman King's 300,000th birthday. It is preceded by New Century Ultraman Legend.





The 20-minute special is almost entirely comprised of ten musical numbers, as follows:
  • Large Gathering! Space Colosseum, instrumental orchestral track for the opening montage of all Ultras gathering for the party.
  • Introducing Ultra Funk Jam, introducing the premise of the dance troupe Ultra Funk Jam, with 11 "Hero Team" dancers and 11 "Kaiju Team" dancers, styled after Ultras and Seijin respectively. Style is hip-hop with a focus on flips.
  • Cool! Ultra Hero, starring four Hero-Team dancers. Hip-hop music with a focus on flips and group-coordinated hip-hop dance techniques.
  • Kaiju GROOVE Dance, starring six Kaiju-Team dancers, heavy focus on floorwork/breakdancing techniques.
  • Sexy? Dance Time, starring two Kaiju and four Heroes. Slower, more experimental music with elements of interpretive dance.
  • KIDS Dance Time, starring the two child performers (one Hero, one Kaiju) and Miraclon. Upbeat hip-hop with child singers, with simple, child-friendly dance steps.
  • Battle with Rock Dance, with three members each from teams Hero and Kaiju. Presented as a dance/rap battle, with both teams taking turns competitively dancing with their own verses dissing the other team.
  • Romantic Dance Time, starring one each from Kaiju and Hero teams, later including more members of each. Starts as ballet, later evolves into salsa/hip-hop blend. Members of the audience with known romantic partners dance with one another.
  • Time for a Serious Battle!?, All members, presented as a battle between Hero-Team and Kaiju-Team, with the child performers of each faction trapped between the warring teams. Music and dancing is notably more urgent/ominous, as the narrative climax of the special.
  • Happy Dance Everyone!, presented as both factions agreeing to be friends, celebratory and short.
  • See you again!!, presented as a curtain-call. Music uses audio sample from the then-current Ultaman Cosmos theme "Something You Can Do" before returning to hip-hop/rap.
  • Let's Dance Together at the End! Ending credits, during which we see Hero Team dance alongside footage of schoolchildren performing the same dance.


  • Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Suoh Susumu
  • Singer: LEKKAZAN

Tsuttatte! Inaide! Nagamete! Inaide!
Wa ni natte! Odotte! Kore ga Urutoraman no dansu!
Seijin mo kaijuu mo! Urutora no nakama-tachi mo! Kore kara!
Hajimaru zo! Sugee entaateinment shoo!!

Kyou wa sanjuumansai (kinenbi) dakara
Urutora Kingu no (tanjoubi) dakara
HIP HOP de, moriagare! Hi wo fuite, tachiagare!
Odoru Urutora hiiroo kaijuu gundan

Jiman no dansu wa mochiron (HIP HOP!!)
Uchuu no sutoriito de kore ga nanbaa wan no chiimu!

Iku zo!

Seijin mo kaijuu mo! Urutora no nakama-tachi mo! Kore kara!
Hajimaru zo! Sugee entaateinment shoo!!



  • This short film is the first instance of a Male Alien Pitt being seen.
  • The special has an unidentified in-universe announcer/navigator, who introduces the individual segments and the members performing that dance. He will occasionally speak in English, with phrases like "Thank you for that dance!" or "Check it out!"
  • Ultraman Zearth's non-canon child (referred to as B-boy Zearth Jr) has their only appearance in this special.
  • Ultraman Leo, Zearth and Astra can all be seen surfing in the opening of this special, while Ace, 80 and Yullian have intergalactic scooters.
  • Ultraman Tiga and Camearra put aside their differences during the romantic dance section of the special and enjoy each other's company.
  • A Dada is seen hitting on both Jamila and Seven during the Romantic Dance.
  • Ultraman Zearth had to be silenced by several audience members due to his excitement over his child.
  • The DVD release came with a 4 minute exercise/dance video, teaching children the dance performed during the ending credits. The video is instructed by Miraclon, assisted by the child dancers B-Boy Zearth Jr and B-Girl Lady Benzene Daughter.
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