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Nero (ネーロ Nēro) is a monster that appeared in Ultraman R/B Novel: The Blue-Eyed Girl Whose Name is Gray.

Subtitle: Plant Monster (植物怪獣 Shokubutsu Kaijū)



Nero is the Italian word for black. This is due to the fact that plants produced from Nero's spores are of different species, commonly black-leaf trees.


Ultraman R/B Novel: The Blue-Eyed Girl Whose Name is Gray

Revered as a guardian god by Planet Dontak's Bosco Tribe, Nero is a monster whose appearance resembles a composite of flora and fauna. Nero was responsible for providing the Bosco Tribe with trees and forest but requests a sacrifice once in every decade, or else it would devour the whole village. The previous sacrifice was Viola, who hosted a vital organ which caused Nero to feed on her life force and become invisible.

A decade later, Nero was responsible for killing various bounty hunters sent by Mr. Largo. The most recent group of mercenaries sent to kill it is a trio of siblings Rosso, Blu and Grigio, who discovered the true nature of Nero and the Bosco village. During the night of the ceremony, Nero extracted its organ from Viola and proceed to transfer it to Bianca, but the siblings interrupted it before the new sacrifice absorbed it. With Nero returned to its full strength, it proceeded to attack the brothers before Grigio kills Bianca with her heat ray gun, killing Nero as well in the process. Nero's death allows Largo to send his protege, bombing the entire village as he mines the area from rare minerals under the ruse of wanting to "modernize" the planet. He later sold it to the Interstellar Alliance.


Powers and Weapons
  • Vital Organ: An energy sphere which prolongs Nero's life force by inserting it into a young girl as a victim. This process is done once in a decade as the previous victim would die from emaciation. Rosso compares it to a caterpillar fungus. However, this is also a weak point as its destruction causes Nero to die as well.
    • Immortality: So long that the vital organ in inserted into the victim, Nero is invisible to attacks and can sustain its life force for another ten years.
  • Vines: Nero's body is covered with tree vines that gave it the appearance of a millennia-old tree. They can be detached to be used as prehensile limbs or weapons to whip its victims, and they are tipped with needles.
  • Spores: Nero's body can unleash spores which caused vegetation to grow.
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