Neos Is Born (ネオス誕生 Neosu Tanjō) is the first episode in the series, Ultraman Neos.


There was a mystery inside a haunted tunnel that the locals say hides a monster. The members of HEART were sent to investigate, but a young boy dashed into the tunnel to save his dog. As soon as HEART member Nana entered the tunnel to save the boy, her vehicle was struck by falling rocks and could not escape the collapsing tunnel. Suddenly Arnagaruge appeared, emerging from the side of the mountain, with the HEART vehicle with Nana, the boy and his dog, stuck to the monster's side.

Kagura, another HEART member, ejected from his attack aircraft Winner to rescue Nana and company. However, the monster attacked him as he hovered in mid-air with his jet pack. Just before the monster struck him, time seemed to stop, and a swirl of light appeared in front of the man. The figure of a giant being told him he had a being of light living inside him. An object appeared in mid-air in front of him and Kagura grabbed it. With the Estraller in his grasp, Kagura transformed into Ultraman Neos.


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