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"In the next thirty minutes, you will open the door to this mysterious world and regain a lost eternity."

―Opening narration

Neo Ultra Q (ネオ・ウルトラQ, Neo Urutora Kyū), first broadcast on January 12, 2013, by WOWOW and produced by Tsuburaya Productions, based on Ultra Q,[1][2] the very first entry into the franchise. While it retains a horror/mystery atmosphere, the series does have more comedic parts than the original.

On July 25, 2017, TOKU announced that the series would air in the United States on its channel with English subtitles beginning August 15, 2017.[3][4] It became available to stream on its Amazon Prime channel in late January 2018 and on its own streaming service in late May 2018. This series can also be watched on Shout TV, Tubi, and Pluto TV.


Once upon a time, various mysteries occurred on Earth. Forty-seven years after Ultra Q, mysterious phenomena strike the Earth again... Drawn to inexplicable events are three individuals with completely different backgrounds and ways of thinking: Jin Haibara, a psychotherapist; Emiko Watarase, a writer for a travel culture magazine; and Shohei Shiroyama, the master of the bar "Tobira."

While being assisted by Haibara's mentor, Professor Yajima, the three confront a power that transcends human understanding.





  • Jin Haibara (南風原 仁, Haibara Jin): Seiichi Tanabe (田辺 誠一, Tanabe Seiichi)
  • Emiko Watarase (渡良瀬 絵美子, Watarase Emiko): Rin Takanashi (高梨 臨, Takanashi Rin)
  • Shohei Shiroyama (白山 正平, Shiroyama Shōhei): Hiroyuki Onoue (尾上 寛之, Onoue Hiroyuki)
  • Professor Yashima (屋島教授, Yashima-kyūju): Masahiko Shimada (島田 雅彦, Shimada Masahiko) (episode 1)
  • Associate Professor Tenge (丹下准教授, Tenge-junkyūju): Aoi Tatsumi (辰巳 蒼生, Tatsumi Aoi) (episode 1)
  • Narrator (ナレーター, Narētā): Keishi Nagatsuka (長塚 圭史, Nagatsuka Keishi)

Suit Actors[]

  • Hiroshi Suenaga (末永 博志, Suenaga Hiroshi)
  • Daiki Yazaki (矢崎 大貴, Yazaki Daiki)
  • Hitomi Adachi (安達 仁美, Adachi Hitomi)
  • Falmagon: Shingo Yokota (ヨコタ シンゴ, Yokota Shingo)

Home Media[]

Each box set was released as DVD and Blu-ray.

Mill Creek[]

Mill Creek released a Blu-ray of the series on August 11, 2020.[5]





  • The subtitles used by TOKU, Shout! Factory and Mill Creek refer to kaiju as "ogres" throughout the series, likely due to a sign in episode 11 which displays "Ogre Liberation Front" (怪獣解放戦線, Kaijū Kaihō Sensen) in English.

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