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Neo Super GUTS (ネオスーパーGUTS Neosūpā Gattsu) is the successor to the original Super GUTS. The team first appeared in Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant.


In the year 2027, some time after the Japanese branch of Super GUTS was transferred to the Mars division, the Neo Super GUTS was formed in place of it.

Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant

In 2038, Tsubasa Madoka, the son of Daigo Madoka, was completing his final training mission as a Neo Super GUTS recruit. As he was about to return to base, he encountered abnormal weather and the Kaiju Jomonoid. A wormhole opened and the two were sucked into it, transporting them to the Tiga Village, somewhere 5000 years prior. After the battles and having finished repairing his jet, Tsubasa returned to his proper timeline.


The Headquarters (本部 Honbu) is the main base for the Neo Super GUTS. It has a Neo Super GUTS Control Tower (ネオスーパーGUTS管制塔 Neosūpā Gattsu Kanseitō) that manages the defense team's air operations.


While it is presumed that there are additional members, only one is specified.

Tsubasa Madoka

Main article: Tsubasa Madoka

Tsubasa Madoka (ツバサ・マドカ Tsubasa Madoka): Neo Super GUTS' seventeen-year-old rookie and son of Daigo Madoka, former host of Ultraman Tiga. Tsubasa was brought to the Tiga Village 5000 years into the past. Here, he found the Sparklence from Mahoroba, a monster huntress and used it to become Ultraman Tiga, though the process does considered incomplete. It was later given to Amui, whom unknowingly was the true owner as he used it and put an end to Dogramaguma and Dogouf. Tsubasa repaired his jet and somehow returned to his proper timeline.

An operator in the Neo Super GUTS Control Tower. He was heard in the comms with Tsubasa, informing him about the progress of his training mission, the graduation party, and relaying him over to his older sister Hikari.



  • Trainer Aircraft Alpha-Superior: One of the defense team's fighter jet. Although it is a trainer aircraft, it is technically more advanced than its Super GUTS predecessor and is armed with two beam guns. Tsubasa used it during his final training mission.
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