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Nebula M78

Nebula M78 (M78星雲, Emu Nana-jū hachi Seiun) is the nebula that serves as the greater location of the Land of Light, home world of most Ultras in the World of the Land of Light. It is three million light-years away from Earth and is noted to house more than just one planet where Ultras and other civilizations can be found.

Notable Locations

  • Land of Light: The planet most Ultras inhabit.
    • Space Prison: The artificial moon of the Land of Light
  • Planet Altara: Home world of the Ultra Force. Most likely a colony of the Land of Light.
  • Planet Sorkin: Self destructed, sending its numerous monsters across the universe.
  • Planet King: Ultraman King's private planet.
  • Planet Metal: Home world of Windom.
  • Planet Buffalo: Home world of Miclas.
  • Planet Animal: Home world of Agira.
  • Planet Ferant: A once-green planet with an advanced civilization that was destroyed by Juda and left red and barren.
  • Planet TOY-1: Home world of Ultraman Nice.



  • In reality, Messier 78 (the full name for M78, named as the 78th object in Charles Messier's Catalogue of Nebulae and Star Clusters) is a nebula in the Orion Constellation which is only 1600 light-years away from Earth. It is interesting to note that Orion was a giant in Greek Mythology.
  • Several other objects in Messier's catalogue have been featured or referenced throughout the Ultraman Series; these include Messier 1, the Crab Nebula, which is the location of the home planet of Bemstar's species, Messier 91, a barred spiral galaxy which is the home of several aliens and monsters in Ultraman Gaia, and Messier 80, a globular cluster which was the location of the Visitors' home world, which was destroyed using a supernova in an attempt to stop Dark Zagi.