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"I'm Zetton's daughter. It's natural to be suspicious."
"That's not what I'm doing."
"I'm used to it. Since I was a little girl.

―Natsumi and Kaito.

Natsumi Oda (小田 夏美 Oda Natsumi) is a guest character in Ultraman Max. She was originally groomed by an Alien Zetton into his instrument for Earth invasion, designated Zetton's Daughter (ゼットンの娘 Zetton no Musume), but the support given by Kaito gave Natsumi the courage to surpass her "father".


Pre-Ultraman Max

Natsumi was originally born from a pair of unnamed parents, her birth father's whereabouts being unknown while her mother was bedridden from an unknown disease, forcing her to take part time jobs by delivering newspapers at the age of 8 years old. At some point in her childhood (a decade prior to the series), she developed psychic abilities as worldwide scientists (among them being Yukari Yoshinaga) try to study the secret behind them. Unbeknownst to them, this was due to the Zetton Nano DNA awakening in her body, but this essence failed to mature, regressing Natsumi back to her old self. She lost her mother at the age of 14 and took the job of a kindergarten teacher at some point in her adulthood. At that point, her sole relative was her bedridden grandmother.

Ultraman Max

In the present day, she was contacted by the Alien Zetton to relay his message for his upcoming attack on DASH's Base Titan and assassination on Ultraman Max. After getting into a hit and run accident from a truck, Natsumi received blood transfusion from Kaito Touma and strangely recovered fast enough to resume work on the next day. DASH were ordered to continue observing her behavior and background from a safe distance.

At night, Alien Zetton took possession of Natsumi and reawaken the Zetton Nano DNA within her, turning Natsumi into a manipulated servant. She sneaked into Base Titan and stole the coordinates of UDF's surveillance satellites in Japan territory, escaping right after sending the stolen data to King Joe destroy the satellites and entering the Earth using that three minute breach. Zetton's Daughter

The day after Zetton was defeated, Kaito was given a "day off" to spy on Natsumi's daily activities. Natsumi saw through it immediately, but Kaito brushed it off that he was ordered to protect her from being used by Alien Zetton. His kindness touched Natsumi, and the two spent the entire evening at her hometown as disguised DASH members still keep an eye on her. Alien Zetton possessed her the next day and had her piloted the enlarged King Joe. When Kaito transformed into Ultraman Max, he summoned the Max Galaxy to trap the alien robot in a barrier and this gives Natsumi the strength to fight back by exiting King Joe while Max destroyed the robot. In his desperate bid, the Alien Zetton trapped the two in a Zetton Zone and try to coerce Natsumi into killing Kaito again, but she swung her Katana to her alien "father", ending his threat on Earth and freeing her from his grip. Natsumi would since then continue living a normal life. Love and King Joe


Powers and Weapons
  • Zetton Nano DNA (ゼットン・ナノ遺伝子 Zetton Nano Idenshi): The DNA of an Alien Zetton, implanted into humankind since 8,000 BC. The strain moves from one human to another and matured within the span of 10,000 years, with Natsumi being its supposed inheritor. The DNA briefly activated during her childhood and the Alien Zetton's possession, but after his death, it was purged from her body.
    • Psychic Abilities: She is capable of exercising the ability of sixth sense, drawing a picture despite the object of her drawing was blocked by a one-way mirror.
    • Supernatural Healing: Natsumi is capable of healing from normal injuries faster than normal humans. For instance, after being involved in a hit and run accident and treated with a blood transfusion, Natsumi recovered by the next day and resume her work.
    • Peak Human Condition: Natsumi can perform supernatural leaps by jumping from one rooftop to another and runs all the way from her home to the Base Titan in a matter of minutes with no exhaustion.
    • Isomorphic Imitation: When possessed by an Alien Zetton, she can easily fool isomorphic scanners such as a Voice detector, a thumbprint scanner or a cornea scanner.
    • Energy Shockwave: From her index finger, she can fire a shockwave that disables technology, such as DASH's mascot Coco.
    • Data Extraction: By raising her hand, Natsumi can steal specified data from a software and deliver it through the use of her Katana.
    • Pain Endurance: Despite being shot at her right hand, Natsumi was none the worse for fear and shrug off the injury as if it was nothing. This is partially due to her ability to recover from any injuries.
    • Immunity to Zetton Zone: As Natsumi was partly an Alien Zetton, she is unaffected by the harmful effects of the Zetton Zone.
  • Katana: Under possession of the Alien Zetton, Natsumi is armed with an energy-hued Katana, allowing her to deflect beam shots and slicing through energy barriers.
  • King Joe: Alien Zetton's mecha, which Natsumi piloted in against Ultraman Max.


  • Her actress, Nao Nagasawa, once portrayed a female lead in the 2002 Super Sentai Series Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger as Nanami Nono/HurricaneBlue. Like Nanami, Natsumi's possessed state has her transforming into a kunoichi (a female ninja).
  • Her backstory is similar to Shusaku Sawamura from Ultraman Gaia, both being humans who inherited special abilities from their evil ancestors and groomed to help them in their conquest. The two eventually defy their heritage and assisted their respective Ultra Warriors in defeating said villain.