Napoleon is a robot from the manga, Ultraman: Operation Giant.


Ultraman: Operation Giant

According to the plot, Napoleon was thrown into the scrap heap by his inventor, Dr. Watanabe, after the scientist makes a device that does Napoleon's job even better. Napoleon revives and gets angry with humanity. Napoleon goes to Mongolia and awakens the underground monster named Morgo. The SSSP splits into two parts, one looking for Morgo and the other looking for Napoleon. Napoleon appears to SSSP member Daisuke Arashi and tells him that five monsters including him and Morgo will fight for earth. One of the monsters would have killed Ultraman. However, Shin Hayata manages to shut down Napoleon with a weapon called the Markalite Seven. But, before he is deactivated, Napoleon gives an ominous warning: "Even if you destroy me, you must defeat Alien Baltan from the far side of the universe."

Powers and Weapons

Sentience: After getting thrown into the scrap heap, it would seem that Napoleon would have gained sentience.



The Big Book Of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films: Mutated Edition by John LeMay

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