Gender: Female
Age: Estimated 16 years
Home world: Earth
First appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 1 "Awakening"
Last appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 12 "Awakening (Finale)"
Number of appearances 11
Type: Ally
Family Unseen younger brother
Affiliation Rikka Takarada
Portrayed by Suzuko Mimori (Japanese)
Sarah Wiedenheft (English)

Namiko (なみこ Namiko) is one of Rikka Takarada's closest friends.



After seeing Rikka and Yuta Hibiki together at the 7-21 shop, she and Hass frequently tease Rikka about it. Awakening However, the day after Ghoulghilas' attack and Gridman's appearance, she seems to have forgotten everything about them and when questioned about some missing classmates, she did not know who they were either. Restoration This routine repeated after each kaiju attack.

After Alexis・Kerib is defeated by Gridman, her life in Tsutsujidai presumably returns to normal.


  • Her design is based off of Starscream from Transformers: Shattered Glass, with her hairpin being based off a Transformers Cybertron Cyber Key. This is because the Unicorn Trilogy's Starscream is repainted into his Shattered Glass iteration despite the latter not operating as such in the comic.
  • According to the voice drama episodes: