Mystery of the Big Bird Monster Terochilus (大怪鳥テロチルスの謎 Dai kaichō Terochirusu no nazo) is the 16th episode of Return of Ultraman.


Saburo Matsumoto and Yukiko Ono grew up together, but, Yukiko was going to be married. Saburo felt envious and planned to blow up the yacht in the middle of the shipboard party. However, monstrous bird Terochilus flew to the yacht and blew it up before Saburo had the chance to do it. Days later in Tokyo, white flakes fell from the sky...


Guest Stars

  • Boatman (船頭 Sendō): Teppei Takasugi (高杉哲平 Takasugi Teppei)
  • Saburo Matsumoto (松本三郎 Matsumoto Saburō): Masatsugu Ishibashi (石橋正次 Ishibashi Masatsugu)
  • Yukiko Ono (小野由起子 Ono Yukiko): Taeko Hattori (服部妙子 Hattori Taeko)
  • Hiroshi Yokokawa (横川浩 Yokokawa Hiroshi): Marumo Mitsunori (丸茂光紀 Mitsunori Marumo)
  • Detective (刑事 Keiji): Tadashi Minakawa (南川直 Minakawa Tadashi)

Suit Actors

Home Media

  • Return of Ultraman Vol.4 Episodes 13-16.
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