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Mystery! Homicide Beetle Incident (奇怪!殺人甲虫事件 Kikai! Satsujin Kabutomushi jiken) is the twenty-sixth episode of Return of Ultraman.


A space insect that was mixed in a meteorite made its arrival to Earth. Days later, incidents of human disappearing happened in the city. MAT started their investigation believing the crime was made by a laser gun, but the real criminal was the stag beetle that's popular among the kids! Suddenly, the stag beetle became large and turn into monster Nokogirin.


  • Hideki Go (郷 秀樹 Gō Hideki):Jiro Dan (団 時朗, Dan Jirō)
  • Ryu Ibuki (伊吹 竜, Ibuki Ryu):Negami Atsushi (根上 淳, Negami Atsushi)
  • Takeshi Minami (南 猛 Minami Takeshi):Shunsuke Ikeda (池田 駿介, Ikeda Shunsuke)
  • Ippei Ueno (上野 一平, Uneo Ippei):Hatashi Mitsushi (三井 恒, Mitsushi Hatashi)
  • Yuriko Oka (丘 ユリ子, Oka Yuriko):Mika Katsuragi (桂木美加,Katauragi Mika)
  • Fumio Kishida (岸田文夫 Kishida Fumo):Ken Nishida (西田健, Nishida Ken)
  • Ken Sakata (坂田健, Ken Sakata):Shin Kishida (岸田森, Kishida Shin)
  • Jiro Sakata (坂田 次郎, Sakata Jirō):Kawaguchi Hideki (川口英樹, Hideki Kawaguchi)
  • Narrator (ナレーター, Nareta):Akira Nagoya (名古屋章, Nagoya Akira)

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  • Return of Ultraman Volume 7 features episodes 25-28.
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