Mydo (Maido) is the abbreviated name of Mysterious Yonder Defense Organization (超宇宙防衛機構 Chō Uchū Bōei Kikō).


Mydo base

MYDO's base

MYDO's base is situated in an auto shop. However, the shop is actually a hanger for the team's mecha. The ships are able to be transported via the billboard above the shop.


  • Captain Shinpei Ohkohchi (大河内 神平 Ōkōchi Shinpei): Mydo's previous captain. He was promoted to a staff officer in Ultraman Zearth 2.
  • Butsukichi Konakai (小中井 仏吉 Konakai Butsukichi): Mydo's previous deputy captain. He also was promoted to a deputy staff officer in Ultraman Zearth 2.
  • Captain Ban Satsuma (薩摩 萬 Satsuma Ban): Mydo's captain.
  • Manabu Kazu (数 学 Kazu Manabu): Mydo's deputy captain.
  • Tohru Hoshimi (星見 透 Hoshimi Tōru): The only female member. She has a younger brother named Yuki Hoshimi (星見 勇気 Hoshimi Yūki).
  • Ganta Takemura (武村 岩太 Takemura Ganta): A strong man.
  • Katsuto Asahi (朝日 勝人 Asahi Katsuto): Zearth's human form.
  • Midori (ミドリ): An AI.



Mydo Wear

Standard Mydo Mission Uniform

  • Mydo Suit: Ultra-light, fire proof, water proof, windproof, has high defensive strength. Has built in slots for seven objects to be taken on missions. It is only worn during mission, otherwise the Mydo team wears the uniform of the gas station they use as a cover for their base.
  • Mydo Met: A special helmet made to absorb the impact of a fall. It absorbs a hundred percent of impact damage, is fire proof and bullet proof.


  • Stylus Gun (スタイラスガン Sutairasu Gan): A handgun, it can fire lasers, heat rays and .45 caliber bullets depending on ammunition is loaded.
  • Drag and Drop (ドラッグアンドドロップ Doraggu Ando Doroppu): A ultra high performance ray gun that resembles a shotgun, only Takemura carries it. The energy is charged by cocking the foregrip. It may shoot a yellow and blue destructive ray, an anesthesia ray and also act as a flamethrower. Only Takemura wields it because of the weight. When taken on mission it must be assembled.


  • Sky Fish (スカイフィッシュ Sukai Fisshu): Two fighter jets.
  • Sky Shark (スカイシャーク Sukai Shāku): The battle mother ship.


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