Mutsumi Hoshikawa (星川 ムツミ Hoshikawa Mutsumi) starts at 18 years of age at the time of the series. Mutsumi transferred from the medical team to the Science Guard, becoming its only female member. As a woman, she hated receiving special treatment because of her gender, and strives to not be outdone by her male peers. However, she does allow professor Nishiki to call her "Miss".

Later in the show, she vaguely noticed on the relationship between Choichiro and Joneus, about the same time as the Gondo, she was held back by Gondo when she attempted to talk about it.



Skills and Abilities

  • Medical Training: Mutsumi was a skilled medic before joinning the team.
  • Painting: Mutsumi is an avid traditionalist painter, using the traditional painting.
  • Piloting: Like all members of the team, she is able to operate any of the vehicles in their menagerie.




  • She is the only human female character in the Ultraman Series shown naked onscreen; in episode 39 where she was in the shower. Additionally, Mutsumi holds the dubious honor of being the first heroine of an Ultraman Series with a fanservice scene.
  • In contrast to other members of Science Guard Party, her first name is written on Katakana instead of the other way round.
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