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"I will turn this beautiful planet into a jewel that will shine forever."


Murnau (ムルナウ Murunau) is the main antagonist of Ultraman Orb The Movie.

Subtitle: Space Witch Thief (宇宙魔女賊 Uchū Majo Zoku)


Murnau is an incredibly vain and unpleasant sorceress with a dark heart. She also has a twisted view regarding true beauty on the boot, believing the world is much more beautiful if everything in it is turned into crystals for all of eternity. While Murnau proved herself more malicious than Juggler in some ways, she evidently lacks the latter's maturity, easily prone to childish tantrums when things don't go the way she wanted.


Ultraman Taiga Novel: Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow

In the past, Ultraman Tregear met Murnau on Planet Cobol. Murnau accepted Tregear's offer to return her appearance to her youth and grant her powers to turn everything into a gem so they can shine forever. Afterward, she started collecting living beings by turning them into gems. Ultraman Taiga Novel: Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow

Ultraman Orb Chronicle

Chapter 2: 'I am the Galaxy's Migrating Bird' arc

As Gai embarks on his second mission to gather the four elements of the Orb Calibur, Murnau met Gai on one of his journeys. A criminal wanted by the Interstellar Alliance, she was posing as a prophet at the space airport, telling people that the end is near, referring to her partner Dr. Jiggle's hologram-generated comet Balsas 6 (バルサス6 Barusasu 6), which was allegedly about to collide with Jewel Planet Cobol in a week. She was tracked down by Gai and his new partner Shorty, a pickpocket child he met at the space airport. The first time she is encountered, she escapes, but Gai finds out about her and Jiggle's plan, which was to capture the rich people of Planet Cobol, for reasons never explicitly stated. Gai tracks her down again and encounters a Dinosaur Tank, sent by Murnau herself and Jiggle. After its defeat, the Interstellar Alliance arrests Jiggle but Murnau escapes. However, Shorty stole a very important jewel from her that is the Element of Earth, which Gai installed into his Orb Calibur.

Chapter 7: 'Space Witch Murnau's Counterattack, Sadeath's Return'

Main article: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Having captured the Ultra Warriors Ginga and Victory, she set her sight on the Earth and turned X into one of her jewel collections with the help of her minions. She sent a modified Galactron, that was able to turn things into jewels, to Hawaii, prompting Gai Kurenai to come back to Japan to investigate. She then uses the Bullton card to trap Gai in a dimensional warp, when he steps into her house-shaped spaceship.

Gai is alter captured by Alien Gapiya Sadeath, Alien Temperor Batista and Alien Hipporit Callisto, and Murnau explains to him her motives of turning Earth into a crystal, and summoned Darebolic via the Dark Ring to do so. However, Jugglus Juggler betrays her and steals the Dark Ring, which he soon throws into a wormhole after fighting as Zeppandon. This results in Ginga, Victory and X's crystalization to be undone. In the ensuing battle, her spaceship is struck by Orb Trinity's Trinitium Shoot, which had bounced off Darebolic's barrier. Murnau is mortally wounded and dies after talking to Gai once more.


Powers and Weapons
  • Crystallizing Breath: By exhaling a rainbow colored smoke, Murnau can turn objects into crystals.
  • Dark Ring: Juggler's Dark Ring. How she acquired it is unknown.
    • Empowerment: The Dark Ring is able to make Murnau's crystallizing breath even more powerful so that she is able to capture giant beings like Ultras.
    • Power Channel: Murnau used the dimension-manipulating power of Bullton via scanning its Kaiju Card.
    • Kaiju Summoning: Murnau somehow summoned Darebolic despite not having scanned its card. She also summoned an Alien Temperor, an Alien Hipporit, and an Alien Guts after scanning their cards.
  • Galactron: Murnau controls the original Galactron, it has been modified to suit her needs.
  • Castle: Murnau has a personal castle in the form of a mansion
    • Flight: The castle is capable of anti-gravity flight.
    • Throne Room: This is where Murnau sits, as leader of the Dark Alien Army. In the center of this room is an interrogation chair.
    • Trophy Room: This is the room where the crystallized bodies of Ginga and Victory were kept. It is located directly behind the Throne Room.
  • Kaiju Cards (怪獣カード Kaijū Kādo): A set of cards that represent Ultra Kaiju. They can be scanned in the Dark Ring to awaken their respective Kaiju.

Kaiju Cards in Possession

Murnau, like Juggler, can use Kaiju Cards to awaken the respective monster. All of these were lost after she turned into a crystal.



  • Murnau's name comes from the name of German film director F. W. Murnau, director of films such as "Nosferatu", "Sunrise" and "4 Devils".


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