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Mountain Peanuts (マウンテンピーナッツ Maunten Pīnattsu) is a short story set one year before Ultraman Victory's appearance. This was launched in the 2015 January issue of SF Magazine.


One year prior to the series, paranormal activities occur at a mountain where a monster had been sighted several times, followed by a number of disappearances. Japan branch of Earth Defense Force Organization and UPG (which was still new at that time) tried to hunt the monster but an environmental protection group called Mountain Peanuts protected the monster, claiming it as an endangered animal. Jamila somehow appeared out of nowhere and tried to scare the humans but Mountain Peanuts members used their water cannons to attack, unknowingly killed him with his own weakness. Nosferu quickly went on a rampage and used his victims as human shields. Chigusa, whom also a member of Mountain Peanuts received a Ginga Light Spark and "UltraLived" into Detton, later as Ultraman. Ultraman firstly used its Specium Ray for thirty seconds but Nosferu survived and regenerate from the injury. She quickly fires the Ultra Slash which ended up cutting Nosferu's arms though still able to resist the injury. In a last effort, Nosferu took the Mountain Peanuts leader as hostage but the other members freed him, allowing Chigusa/Ultraman to firstly fired his head with the Slash Ray, followed by Ultra-Attack Ray and Ultra Psychic attack. Chigusa won, but fainted and awoke to find herself at the centre of a large, 10 m wide crater that resulted from her fight. An unknown android dragged herself out, seemingly injured and planned another attack in a year later.


Mountain Peanuts

  • Chigusa Kuno: A member of the title organization, UltraLived into Detton and Ultraman.




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