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Mother of Ultra is Like the Sun (ウルトラの母は太陽のように, Urutora no Haha wa Taiyō no Yō ni) is the first episode of Ultraman Taro. It is also a team-up which sees all five previous Ultra Brothers near the end of the episode and it also features the first appearance of the Mother of Ultra. This episode was released theatrically at the 1973 Winter Toho Champion Matsuri alongside a re-release of Son of Godzilla.


After Kotaro Higashi unknowingly plants the seeds of a mysterious flower that came from space, the lone Terrible-Monster Oil Drinker attacks, only for the flower to reveal the truth behind its identity as an even stronger monster, Astromons! After dealing with Oil Drinker, Astromons mounts a second attack, and Kotaro dies after his plane is downed by the plantlike monster. Ultraman Taro is chosen as Kotaro's host, granting him a new life, but even so, how will the duo bring down the first 'Super Ability Monster' to threaten the Earth?


A tiny flower from space called Tigris Flower whose seed had arrived on Earth over a hundred years ago. Right at the end of the second age of aliens, the seed was planted by a local boxer named Kotaro Higashi. At the dusk of the day, Oil Drinker appeared on land and Tigris Flower began to emit pollen from it's flower that knocked Kotaro out and would have eaten him if ZAT had not found him. Within minutes, Tigris Flower grew into his adult form of Astromons. One night, the final Terrible-Monster of Yapool, Oil Drinker appeared and ZAT came to the area to battle with the Terrible-Monster. Agitated, Tigris Flower formed into his adult form Astromons and battled with Oil Drinker. It didn't take long for the massive plant to eat the Terrible-Monster when Oil Drinker's head got stuck in his massive flower chest. After the battle, Astromons flew away into the night.

The next day, Astromons attacked once again. ZAT soon arrived, and attacked once it got too close to its base. During the attack, Kotaro's plane was hit, and sent crashing into the ground. Moved by this man's courage, the Ultra Brothers and the Mother of Ultra granted him a new life. The female hero placed his latest son, Ultraman Taro, into Kotaro. Not a second later, Ultraman Taro attacked Astromons. Taro attacked with many punches and kicks, until Astromons struck back with his acidic mist, allowing his to get multiple hits in. Taro managed to use the Strium Beam, however, the massive plant monster was destroyed for good.


Guest Actors[]

  • Lady in Green (緑のおばさん, Midori no Obasan)/Mother of Ultra (ウルトラの母, Urutora no Haha, Voice): Peggy Hayama (ペギー 葉山, Pegī Hayama)
  • Kiyoshi Shiratori (白鳥 潔, Shiratori Kiyoshi): Takeya Nakamura (中村 竹弥, Nakamura Takeya)
  • Oil tank staff: Motoo Noguchi (野口 元夫, Noguchi Motoo)




Home Media[]

  • Ultraman Taro Volume 1 features episodes 1-5.


  • Because the Mother of Ultra suit was not finished yet, her suit used in this episode is actually the Triple Fighter suit with breasts and a modified Ultraman mask that had pigtails added. This is the reason for her freakish first appearance.
  • This episode features the return of Ultraman Ace immediately after his finale, similar to Ultraman Jack's appearance after his season finale.
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