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Mororo (モロロ) is the second Monoclonius to attack the world in the series, Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.


Dinosaur Great War Izenborg

Mororo was one of the trio of dinosaurs sent by Ururu to place Eggs on the surface world and protect them. Mororo emerged from Mt. Fuji's forest and proceeded to Tokyo where he met up with Sutego and Alulu and proceeded to uncover the eggs Ururu has planted in the soil. Mororo was in charge of making a protective nest for the eggs using his webbing he shot from his mouth, as Sutego pounded his feet into the ground, making a safe indent in the earth's surface.

Soon, the Izenborg flew into fight the trio, and Mororo proved to be more competent than his allies, spitting his web, firing electricity and even his horn at the flying war ship, but the eggs, sadly, where taken out by the Izen-Tank's battering rams. The fight continued, with the trio of saurians trying to knock the Izenborg out of the sky, and soon, they huddled together to preform a new trick, creating a massive tornando with their bodies, but the two cyborg siblings would have none of that, flying their ship around the spinning trio with the massive rotary saw blade slicing them cleanly in half, killing the threat.


  • Mororo actually used Gorgo's roar from the first episode of Izenborg.
  • Mororo is the last Monoclonius to appear in the series.


  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
Powers and Weapons
  • Webbing: Mororo can fire a stream of silky web from his mouth.
  • Horn Missle: Like Monora, Mororo can fire his horn like a missile.
  • Electricity Blast: Using his horn, Mororo can fire a jolt of electricity.
  • Dinosaur Tornado: By huddling in a tight group with Alulu and Sutego, the trio can spin rapidly to create a windy vortex of scales, horns, back plates and tails.


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