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Separate Guruman.png Because this Kaiju is a character in the show instead of the monster-of-the-week, it has been given its own article. If you're looking for the main page, see Pigmon.

This Pigmon (ピグモン Pigumon) was originally one of the many deceased inhabitants of Monster Graveyard until it was accidentally revived by Alien Bat Gurashie during his attempt to assassinate Ultraman Zero under the Darkness Five's orders. After the entire conflict between said organization and Ultimate Force Zero, the latter team decided to adopt this Pigmon as their pet/mascot, with Zero proceeding to name it Moroboshi-kun (モロボシ君).


Ultra Zero Fight

Pigmon first appeared observing Zero being pummeled by EX Red King while hiding behind the rocks. Upon being spotted by Gurashie, it was ordered for termination from the monster but Zero protected it once he escaped the armor with Strong-Corona Zero. The Pigmon would follow and observe Zero's battle with the Four Beast Warriors of Hell until Gurashie uses their grudges to enlarge, threatening Zero that both him and Pigmon shared the same life force. Despite Pigmon's reassurance, Zero splits into his Mode Changes to kill Gurashie and rescue the little creature's spirit from being dead. After the battle, Pigmon watches Ultimate Force Zero leaving the Monster Graveyard. A New Power

"I have something. We'll borrow my father's name. Moroboshi-kun."
"No." "No way."

―Zero and his team members.

At some point of time, the Darkness Five kidnapped Pigmon and Zero was forced to fight Sly over the little creature. Pigmon bear witness Zero's fight with Belial and his eventual possession into Zero Darkness. Despite being small and powerless, it tried to stop the Darkness Five in their universal conquest. Belial's attempt to kill Pigmon is what reignited Zero's strength to expel the fallen Ultra's spirit and eventually reverses time to undo the deaths of his comrades. While the revived members discussed among themselves, Glen Fire took interest in the creature and each tries to pick a name for it, wanting to present it to Princess Emerana. Jean-Nine suggested Organic Being Number 8 (有機生命体8号 Yūki Seimei-tai Hachi-gō), which others find it bland while Zero's suggestion to Moroboshi (based on Ultraseven's human form) gets shot down quickly. Awakening of Zero

Ultraman Z and Ultraman Zero Voice Drama

"Could it be, you're Moroboshi-kun?"
"No, that's our pet, Pigmon! A small organic creature!

―Ultraman Z and Jean-Nine.

The Pigmon was mentioned in a passing by Ultraman Z when he mistook Jean-Nine for the creature. Based on this conversation, it is implied that it had since become Ultimate Force Zero's pet of sorts and settled with the name "Moroboshi-kun". Steel Younger Brother


Pigmon info.png
  • Height: 1 m
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Origin: Monster Graveyard
  • Weakness: Due to being revived by Alien Bat Gurashie like the Four Beast Warriors of Hell, Pigmon's life force is tied to him and if the alien died, so does the little creature. This was no longer the case when Luna-Miracle Zero used his power to protect Pigmon while Gurashie was annihilated by Strong-Corona.


Ultra Zero Fight


  • According to the manual included in Ultra Zero Fight DVD, Pigmon was supposed to die but this decision changed a day before the miniseries started its filming.
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