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Moravia (モルヴァイア Moruvaia) is a Kaiju from Ultraman Dyna.


  • Moravia: Fear Energy Demon Being (恐怖エネルギー魔体 Kyōfu Enerugī Ma-tai)
  • Mejiwogu: Black Space Plant (黒い宇宙植物 Kuroi Uchū Shokubutsu)



Moravia's motif is the demon Incubus and Succubus.


Ultraman Dyna

One night, a meteor approached to Earth and landed at Nagano, making a strange plant, purple-colored tulips grow in abundance. Later, a couple were attacked by a Digon and a drunken man were scared by Fohgus (Kaijin interface). Super GUTS were dispatched to Nagano later and divided into two groups. Kohda and Kariya witnessed a Digon walking towards them, though Nakajima saw it as a Zenekindarl instead. They attempted to fire at the monsters, but found that their shots went right through them. Asuka and Ryo had their own encounter with another phantom, appearing to them as Alien Raybeak and Bishmel respectively, confusing the two of them when they could not agree on the monster's identity.

Super GUTS brought a purple-colored tulip to their base to analyze. Ryo decided to visit her old friend, Teruhisa Hirao for a while whom she keep pushing him to face his problems. At the Super GUTS base, they found that the tulip they picked was actually a fear-absorbing flower which absorbed fear from people and projected their fears in front of them. While Ryo and Teruhisa drove a car, another phantom appeared in front of them. Ryo saw it as Mozui but Hirao instead saw an antrophomorphic flying carrot. As Ryo fired at "Mozui", her friend ran for protection but a white tulip that he picked earlier projected a younger Ryo and later a younger version of himself running towards "Mozui" and banishing the fiend. Ryo realised that the white tulip might had something to do with the purple tulip that Super GUTS picked earlier.

Later at the Matsumoto City, all fear absorbing flowers released a dark aura and formed a giant figure. Super GUTS dispatched in their jets but each one of them sees the enemy differently. Kariya sees Alien Nuaza, Hibiki sees Gyanzar, Asuka sees Kokakucho before it changed into Evil Tiga and Deathfacer. It finally revealed its true demonic form, Moravia. At Nakajima's lab, Ryo and Hirao brought the white tulip and ordered him to create an antidote based on the plant. Super GUTS and Ultraman Dyna fought the gigantic demon but were overpowered. Ryo appeared and fired at the monster with an antidote, reducing Moravia into a into the meteor-like state it arrived in. Dyna unleashed his Solgent Beam at it, destroying Moravia and all the mysterious flowers along with it.


  • Suit actor: Koji Mimura
  • The only member of Phantom Monster Army that appeared but not from GUTS/Super GUTS' previous battles was the Carrot Monster, where it was projected by Hirao's fear of carrots.


Comet Form
Moravia comet.jpg

Moravia's early form, it exploded into particles to make its fear absorbing flowers grow in Matsumoto City.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Seed Combustion: Moravia can combust itself to produce seeds that can grow flowers to feed on human fear.
  • Flight: Moravia can fly as a means of travel. When forced to revert back to his comet form, Moravia was seen levitating before being destroyed by Dyna.

Monster Form
  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 66,000 t
  • Origin: Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
  • Weakness: A specific type of energy from a rare plant will force Moravia back into comet form.
Powers and Weapons
  • Shapeshifting: Before assuming his demonic form, he shapeshifts himself into various enemies that GUTS and Super GUTS fought in the past.
  • Flames: Moravia can release flame stream or fireballs from his mouth.
  • Sharp Fangs: Moravia can use its fangs to bite its enemy.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Moravia can jump high or perform backflip into the air.


Mejiwogu (メージヲグ Mejiwogu) were blackish tulips that absorbed humans' fears and project them in front of them.

  • Weakness: The Mejowogus' life force were connected to Moravia. If the monster is destroyed, they will be erased from existence.
Powers and Weapons
  • Fear Projection: Mejiwogus can absorb human fear and project it to them.

Phantom Monster Army

Phantom Monster Army (幻影怪獣軍団 Gen'ei Kaijū Gundan) were armies of old enemies that GUTS and Super GUTS defeated, which were projected by Mejiwogu flowers and Moravia's disguises. Their appearance was different from each person's view given that they were projections of the victim's fears (e.g. Ryo saw Bishmel but Asuka saw Raybeak).

  • Height: All the same like the original except for certain individuals
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Mejiwogu
  • Weakness: A specific type of a rare plant, which is the opposites of Mejiwogu can be used to neutralize them where it release a courage projection of themselves and running towards a member of Phantom Monster Army to destroy them.
Powers and Weapons
  • Intangibility: Members of Phantom Monster Army can turn themselves intangible to attacks, though some of them had vanished after being attacked.
List of Army Members


Ultraman Dyna


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