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Monster Island Appears! (出現、怪獣島! Shutsugen, Kaijūtō!) is the fifth episode of Ultraman Max.


A mysterious island appears in the Pacific, and on it are strange stones and monsters. What secrets does it hold?


In the Pacific Ocean, an island suddenly appears. DASH deploys to investigate. They discover an ancient ruin, and a stone with engravings and runes on it. Koba and Sean collect samples and return, while Kaito and Mizuki continue to investigate. Pigmon wakens, and their scanners break.

Mizuki and Kaito find Pigmon, and notice it looks like the kaijin on the stone. Meanwhile, Elly discovers that the rocks from the island are not found on earth. Professor Yoshinaga notes that they would be a good source of energy and theorizes that an advanced civilization used to thrive there.

While Kaito and Mizuki befriend Pigmon, two poachers arrive on the island, seeking for the engraved stone. They come upon ancient ruins of a temple, and a statue of Pigmon. The leader wishes to find Pigmon, so he could discover the secrets of the archeological world. The leader goes to look for him, but is confronted by Salamadon. Kaito and Mizuki see the monster above the trees, but Pigmon subdues it. The two treasure-seekers watch and come up with a plan.

They ambush Mizuki and Kaito. One of them shoots Pigmon with a tranquilizer. They drag him off, when Salamandon awakens again. It pursues them, and the archeologist's companion flees. Kaito rushes to the scene and frees a groggy Pigmon, calming the daikaiju. The intruder's companion takes off in the helicopter they arrived in, but is shot out of the sky by Salamandon. It crashes to the ground, knocking down the stone Pigmon statue in the temple.

Red King, an ancient, malevolent dinosaur-like monster that was imprisoned beneath the temple, awakens from his prison and starts to rampage, while the archeologist reveals that his companion sabotaged DASH Bird 1. Salamandon attacks Red King, but is no match for the armored monster. Red King sees Pigmon and attempts to kill him. The island starts moving, on a collision course towards Japan. The rest of the team deploys to fetch Kaito and Mizuki.

Red King kills Salamandon, and then DASH attacks, without missiles, which would cause the kaiju to explode. Kaito transforms, and DASH Bird 2 is forced to retreat into DASH Mother. Max defeats Red King, however, he burrows away alive. Paragler then appears.





Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 2 features episodes 3-6.
  • The episode was premiered on American television by TOKU on March 01, 2017
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