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Monster Eleking Barks at the Full Moon! (怪獣エレキング 満に吼える!, Kaijū Erekingu Mangetsu ni Hoeru!) is the twenty-eighth episode of Ultraman Taro.


On a cold, lonely night, a full moon hung in the sky. But soon Eleking, a monster that Ultraseven defeated aroused from underground. The monster attacked nearby villages, and left much destruction in his path and was then attacked by ZAT. The monster was seemingly defeated, but he beat a hasty retreat when the sun began to rise. Some time later, another full moon appeared, as well as the creature, who was now revealed to be Re-Eleking revived by the light of the moon. But his attack we soon halted by ZAT, as well as some village children, who were able to get a rope around Re-Eleking's left horn. This only angered the monster, as it let loose with more flames. Soon, Kotoro decides to attack Re-Eleking with his armored vehicle. The attack is short lived, however, as Re-Eleking jumps onto it. Kotaro used his Ultra Badge to turn into Ultraman Taro just in time. Taro then deals Re-Eleking a mighty beating. Re-Eleking managed to get the best of Taro using his flames, but Taro persevered. Then, Taro used his powers to turn the rope on Re-Eleking's into a chain. Grappling for a bit, he ripped off his horns, until Re-Eleking was hornless! Re-Eleking collapsed to the ground dying, his body began to release a bubbling foam before finally self-destructing.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Taro Volume 7 features episodes 26-29.
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