Mons Robo (モンスロボ Monsurobo) is a Kaiju that appears in the TV series, Jumborg Ace.

Subtitle: One-eyed Cyborg (一つ目サイボーグ Hitotsu-me saibōgu)


Jumborg Ace

Mons Robo was created by Anti Go-Ne combining a monster and a robot. He was unleashed at a petroleum complex. The Kaiju was instructed by his master to use his secret weapon, his horn missile, and aim it at Jumborg Ace' eyes. Mons Robo caused destrution, but PAT arrived to attack him. Naoki then flew his Jum Cessna even though it was low on fuel, and transformed into Jumborg Ace. The hero and cyborg Kaiju battled, but Jumborg's low fuel began to take it's toll. Luckily, PAT managed to hit Mons Robo with anesthesia bullets, making him unconscious.

Mons Robo awoke again and began another rampage at the petroleum complex. Naoki managed to get his plane back after it was sold, and transformed once again. Jumborg Ace pulled out Mons Robo's horn and threw it back at him, exploding in the kaiju's face. Jumborg then used the heading killer technique to decapitate Mons Robo, killing the cyborg in a huge explosion.


  • Designer: Yoshiaki Yoneya


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 49,000 t
  • Origin: Tokyo suburbs
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: From his mouth, Mons Robo can spit a deadly flame.
  • Rotating Horn: Mons Robo can spin his horn and charge at the opponent.
  • Horn Launch: Can launch his horn out of his head like a missile and another horn would come out.
  • Burrowing: Mons Robo can burrow underground to hide from it's enemies.


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