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The Monoclonius (モノクロニウス Monokuroniusu) was a one-horned relative of the Triceratops that appeared in Dinosaur Expedition Born Free as a target for poachers.


Dinosaur Expedition Born Free

When the Born Free were attempting to save the Trachodon, out from the ground came the angered Monoclonius. The rhino-like saurian was so agressive that the Born Free crew, sadly, had to end its life by freezing the reptile.


  • The Monoclonius is the only dinosaur that the Born Free had to kill in prehistoric times, as it was far to aggressive.
  • Its stop motion puppet would later be used during Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.


Powers and Weapons
  • Horn: Like all ceratopsian dinosaurs, the Monoclonius has one horn used to gore enemies.
  • Burrowing: Monoclonius can burrow into the ground.
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