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Mogura King (モグラキング Mogura Kingu lit. Mole King) is a Kaiju that appeared in Mirrorman.

Subtitle: Different Dimension Insect (異次元昆虫 I Jigen Konchū)



Following the killing of Smoke Ness, a weakened Mirrorman was unable to keep fighting. As a result the Invaders summoned their next monster, Mogura King, to the surface to announce to SGM that they would soon be destroyed. Jumbo Phoenix managed to take Mirrorman's limp body back to the base. Mogura King was detected by seismological activity caused by his burrowing. At Shinjuku, Mogura King's burrowing caused a small earthquake and fissures across the ground that swallowed innocent people. The four armed monster came to the surface to continue his wanton rampage across the now desolate city. SGM retaliated, the Jumbo Phoenix was unable to harm Mogura King so Fujimoto and Yasuda were sent down to use an experimental howitzer on him. While the four armed monster's back was turn they began to fire shells into it only to fail as rubble collapsed on the former. The aerial assault continued only for Mogura King to go back underground which forced SGM to retreat.

Mogura King returned after a brief thunderstorm to continue his mayhem. Fujimoto took the Phoenix 1 and planned to die taking out the four armed monster himself. Kyotaro turned into Mirrorman just in time to save him. The giants clashed, Mogura King used his head fin missiles to keep the hero at bay only for Mirrorman to use the Slicer H to sever it. The four armed monster than launch a back spike which the hero quickly dodged and kicked Mogura King at the back of the neck. The monster used an electric shock from his tail and white smoke to get Mirrorman off his back and then used his tail to bash him. Murakami in Phoenix 3 fired missiles at the monster's back to stun him. Before long Mirrorman blasted the monster's tail, threw him around, and killed Mogura King with the Mirror Rolling Slice.



  • Height: 49 m
  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Origin: Planet X
Powers and Weapons
  • Burrowing: Mogura King can burrow at medium speeds.
  • Missiles: Mogura King can launch missiles from his head fin.
  • Tail: Mogura King can use his centipede-like tail to bash foes. This tail can release the small legs so they can self destruct, acting as bombs.
  • Launchable Back Spikes: Mogura King can launch the spikes on his back.
  • Electric Shock: Mogura King can emit an electric shock from his centipede-like tail.
  • White Smoke: Mogure King can emit white smoke from the hands on his lower arms.


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