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Mirrorman 2D (ミラーマン2D Mirāman Tsūdī) is a comic reboot of the original Mirrorman series, created in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The manga is written and illustrated by Masato Hisa (久 正人 Hisa Masato) and distributed via TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION and Comiplex.

A volume containing the first four chapters was released on December 3rd 2021.[1]


In the year 2021, two men in Yokohama confront the Invaders, who are secretly plotting to invade the three-dimensional world.


No. Title Release Date Appearing Kaiju
1 Request (依頼 Irai) July 30th 2021[2] Iron
2 Footprints (足跡 Ashiato) August 27th 2021[3] Multi
3 War Outbreak (開戦 Kaisen) September 24th 2021[4] Multi
4 Fighting Together (共闘 Kyōtō) October 29th 2021[5] Name Unknown
5 Leap (跳躍 Chōyaku) November 26th 2021 (part 1)[6]
December 24th 2021 (part 2)[7]
6 Morning Glow (暁光 Gyōkō) January 28th 2022[8] N/A
7 Postcard (葉書 Hagaki) March 25th 2022[9] Invaders
8 Drawn Line (描線 Byōsen) April 29th 2022[10]
9 Fighting Power (戦力 Senryoku) May 29th 2022[11]
10 Iron Fist (鉄拳 Tekken) June 24th 2022[12]
11 TBA July[13]


  • Kyotaro Kagami (鏡 京太郎 Kagami Kyōtaro): Mirrorman's host.
  • Asumu Kushinada (櫛灘遊霧 Kushinada Asumu): A private detective.
  • Tama (たま): A delivery driver and friend of Asumu who bears witness to the return of the Invaders.
  • Mr. Mitarai (御手洗先生 Mitarai-sensei): Kyotaro's guardian and mentor. Acts as a reimagining of Kenichi Mitarai from the original series.
  • Yuko Kagami (鏡 優子 Kagami Yūko): Kyotaro's deceased mother who sacrificed herself 25 years ago to construct a barrier to hold back the Invaders.



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