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Mirrorman (ミラーマン Mirāman) is the titular hero of the 1971 series Mirrorman.



The Earth is once again in peril as a race known only as The Invaders from the Planet X, plots to conquer our planet. The aliens soon discover the existence of Kyotaro and made plans to capture the young man. They targeted the young man because he was the half-human son of the original Mirrorman. By now Kyotaro was a young man and photographer with no interest in fighting despite the SGM captain's request. Said captain, Dr. Mitarai, was a friend of his father and Kyotaro's mother Yuko was his assistant. The young man had difficulty accepting his destiny, refusing to believe he was only half human but he soon realized that he is the only one who could save the Earth from the Invaders, when they tried to assassinate him. In the industrial district Kyotaro had his first battle as Mirrorman and fought a giant monster and an invader ship with the help of SGM.

Mirrorman was eventually caught by the Invaders, who planted a bomb inside him that would go off should he transform for too long, thus placing a time limit on Mirrorman. Despite that, Mirrorman continued to fight against the Invaders and protected mankind until the invasion was over.



  • Height: 170 cm ~ 40 m
  • Weight: 70 kg ~ 35,000 t
  • Home World: Planet Earth
  • Maximum Running Speed: Able to run at the speed of light.
  • Weakness: If he stays in the Mirror World for too long, he will die, which is how his father fell. Also, during episode 26, Mirrorman was captured by the Invaders and was implanted an Energy Time Bomb inside his body. The bomb would explode should Mirrorman consume a certain amount of energy.
  • Family Structure:
    • Mother: Yuko Kagami
    • Father: The unseen original Mirrorman, though deceased his spirit still gives his son advice. He gave his son the Color Timer to know when the bomb is about to explode.

Body Features

  • Color Timer: In episode 26, Mirrorman was captured by the Invaders and was implanted with a bomb, ever since then every time Kyotaro transforms he has only three minutes before the bomb detonates.


Kyotaro uses his father's pendant, shouts 'Mirror Spark' and faces a reflective surface such as a mirror, a body of water, plastic, crystal, etc., to which he holds up his Mirror Pendant and shouts "Mirror Spark!". He is then transported through the 2nd dimension and reappears elsewhere as Mirrorman, as Mirrorman he can also move through the Mirror World so long as there is a reflective surface.



  • Silver Cross (シルバークロス Shirubā Kurosu): Mirrorman's finisher, he gathers energy then places his hands at the stars on his forehead and waist, bringing them together to shoot two large arrow shaped bursts of energy, can destroy a monster in one shot. It is a risky move for Mirrorman as it uses all of his energy. After being implanted with the bomb, Mirrorman also had to be careful of when he uses it to avoid igniting the bomb.
  • Mirror Knife (ミラーナイフ Mirā Naifu): Mirrorman can fire an arrow-shaped burst of energy to kill his opponents. In the earlier episodes this was the commonly used final technique, until the Silver Cross started to be used.
    • Mirror Shot (ミラーシュート Mirā Shūto): Mirrorman can fire small energy beams from his fingers all at once, it is a version of the Mirror Knife used while in mid-air. It can be fired from one or both hands.
  • Mirror Slicer (ミラースライサー Mirā Suraisā): V-shaped bursts of energy used to cut apart the enemy. There are two types.
    • Slicer V (スライサーV Suraisā V): A vertical slice.
      • Mirror Rolling Slice (ミラーローリングスライス Mirā Rōringu Suraisu): The Slicer V strengthened 5 times by rotating it.
    • Slicer H (スライサーH Suraisā H): A horizontal slice.
  • Mirror Eye Beam (ミラー・アイビーム Mirā Ai Bīmu): Destructive rays emitted from the eyes.
  • Beam (ビーム Bīmu): A beam of light fired from the cross on his forehead.
  • Mirror Fire (ミラーファイヤー Mirā Faiyā): Used in episode 49, rays emitted from cross hands.
  • Finisher Horizontal Slash (必殺水平斬り Hissatsu Suihei-kiri): A red cutter ray that shaped like a windmill. It was used against Mogura King, Zangani, and Iezu.


  • Mirror Kick (ミラーキック Mirā Kikku): Jumping into the air, Mirrorman can charge his legs with yellow energy to deliver a powerful kick.
    • Miracle Kick (ミラクル・キック Mirakuru Kikku): Similar to the Mirror Kick. Mirrorman concentrates red energy to both his feet and kicks the enemy. Can hit multiple targets at once, which was how Gorgosaurus β and Pair-Mons King β were destroyed at the same time. First used against Arigeida.
    • Cross Jump (クロスジャンプ Kurosu Janpu): A kick to the opponent while both are high in the air.
  • Straight Flush (ストレートフラッシュ Sutorēto Furasshu): A series of high speed punches.
  • Mirror Spin (ミラースピン Mirā Supin): Mirrorman spins as he jumps into the air, kicking the opponent.
  • Mirror Attack (ミラーアタック Mirā Atakku): Mirrorman creates a clone that turns into light and rushes at the enemy, exploding on contact.


  • Defense Mirror (ディフェンスミラー Difensu Mirā): Mirrorman can conjure a mirror-like barrier that reflect the enemy's energy attacks back at them. He used various types of the ability such as used a stick type to prevent Zailas' energy sword in episode 11, deflects the opponents' energy bullet one by one with hands, used a wall-shaped barrier in episode 33, and used a handheld type in episode 40. In episodes 1, 14, and 22, there are some tactics that can reflect the opponents' attack and turned them into counterattack.
  • Mirror Grackle (ミラーグラックル Mirā Gurakkuru): A vortex of energy that seals away the opponent.
  • Mirror Halation (ミラーハレーション Mirā Harēshon): When no mirror or reflective surface is present, Mirrorman can gather light to create an artificial one to transport himself. Because of the emission of bright light, it was also used to confuse Gold Satan in episode 7.
  • Mirror Eye (ミラーアイ Mirā Ai): Blue rays emitted from the eyes to discover invisible objects or see across dimensions.
  • Flight: Mirrorman can fly under his own power but not when he is in the mirror world.


Legend Hero Returns


  • Mirrorman (2009)
    • Release date: February 2009
    • Materials: PVC
    • Price: 3800 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4523924110205
Manufactured by Inspire, Legend Hero Returns Mirrorman is based on his appearance in the TV series. He features only 2 points of articulation, and it was made in scale with Bandai's Ultra Hero Series. His belt is also molded with his bomb timer.






  • Mirrorman is actually based of a manga of the same name, which inspired a live action pilot before the series. However there are differences between the incarnations. The manga Mirrorman's face resembled Mirrorman Reflex, the pilot Mirrorman had an 'open mouth' costume that showed the suit actor's mouth while the TV Mirrorman more resembled Jumborg Ace and Ultras.
  • In the original concept, Mirrorman possesses standard flight ability but was eventually scrapped.
  • According to the official novel sequel Mirrorman: Mirror Apocalypse (ミラーマン 鏡の黙示録), the bomb within Mirrorman was removed after he returned to 2nd Dimension world.
  • Mirrorman is the inspiration for Mirror Knight.
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