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Mini Tortoise (ミニトータス Mini Tōtasu) is a giant baby turtle who hatched from Queen Tortoise's nest after she was brutally killed by the military. Her fiercely protective father, King Tortoise, initially shielded her from Taro as he viciously avenged her mother, but midway through the fight opted to use his abilities to cause her to grow in size to become a juvenile of the species. However, as the two monsters gradually came to realise that the loss of Queen Tortoise wasn't Taro nor ZAT's fault, the duo opted to leave Earth with Taro and Seven's help, who both then reunited the family by reviving the Queen.

Subtitle: Large Turtle Monster (大亀怪獣 Ōkame Kaijū)


Ultraman Taro

The only surviving offspring of King and Queen Tortoise, Mini Tortoise hatched after Taro defeated Queen Tortoise. But before the cruel military that had enraged the creature in the first place ordered ZAT to murder the tiny creature. But Taro wouldn’t allow another innocent life to fall, and neither would ZAT's commander, calling off the attack. The small creature crawled to her mother, but she was already dead. Taro, feeling great guilt for the infant’s loss, reached for her, only for her to bite but she slowly understood. However, King Tortoise arrived, attacking Taro and allowing Mini Tortoise to climb on his back. King Tortoise soon grew Mini Tortoise to giant size and the two attacked Taro with a vengeance. Taro, realizing he’d taken an innocent life, refused to fight back, taking Queen Tortoise's body and flew off with her to lure them away. Mini Tortoise tried to fly off with after him, but she was too young. King Tortoise told Mini Tortoise to hang on to his shell and he tried to fly, but Mini Tortoise was too heavy, leaving them grounded. Ultraseven had been alerted to the occurrence and came down, picking up Mini Tortoise and flying off with her. King Tortoise followed and were taken into space where Queen Tortoise had been revived. Now she, King Tortoise and Mini Tortoise could live in peace without humans further assaulting the monster family. 



  • Height: 42 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Tokyo
Powers and Weapons
  • Shell Poison: The eggs of the Tortoises are poisonous, causing large black rashes to form on whoever eats them, this also allows their parents to hunt down the victim to avenge them.


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