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"The Geo Base had data files of Ultraman Gaia so the Crisis virus itself merged with the Metal Organism minerals and the data to form a replica of the Ultraman."

Gamu Takayama explaining to Akio Ishimuro, Seize the Light!

Meemos (ミーモス Mīmosu) or Mimos was a originally a computer virus, called Crisis Ghost (クリシスゴースト Kurishisu Gōsuto), created by Queen Mezard that infected the photon computer Crisis, which was designed by Hiroya Fujimiya (Ultraman Agul's host). Crisis Ghost went berserk during the arrival of the giant kaiju Zoruim. After Crisis' system were frozen, Crisis Ghost transferred its content to the internet and transferred itself into the remains of the alien lifeforms Apatee and Algyuros that GUARD had retrieved placed in a research building, and created his physical from.

  • Crisis Subtitle: Electric Organism (電子生命体 Denshi Seimei-tai)
  • Subtitle: Metal Organism (金属生命体 Kinzoku Seimei-tai)


Ultraman Gaia

The Crisis Ghost infected the photon powered computer, Crisis, the day it was put online. Cris was created to predict the Earth's future by calculating every possible outcome, however Crisis Ghost's corruption made the computer predict that humankind would lead to the destruction of the Earth. This false prediction is what lead Hiroya Fujimiya on his path to become Ultraman Agul and try to save Earth from mankind., asked it what should be cleansed on Earth. The answer shocked him when the computer showed him that the world's fate was destruction and it cause: Mankind. Abandoning the project he began several other research projects (also leading to Agul's misguided idea), one was to control monsters to keep them away from populate areas and the other was to find the 'will if the Earth', to devise a solution for the world's problem. The Birth of Agul

When Gamu was testing CRISIS he encountered the mysterious glowing red giant, Ultraman Gaia fighting a Dragon. After the battle, Gamu was back to reality and got off the machine. Seize the Light!

When Zoruim arrived on Earth, Crisis Ghost send the presence of the Radical Destruction Bringer, and went berserk leading to GUARD of Europe to freeze Crisis, however Crisis Ghost still managed to escape to the internet and go unnoticed, by GUARD and XIG. After Zoruim's destruction, Crisis Ghost invaded XIG's computer, but it was driven out and traveled to GUARD's Geo Base, where it invaded the storage containing the pieces of Apatee and Algyuros. After melding the pieces together, it morphed into Fake Ultraman Gaia (ニセウルトラマンガイア Nise Urutoraman Gaia). However, it showed it was not Gaia, as Crisis Ghost imitated Gaia Version 1, but the real Gaia had achieved his Version 2 form. XIG sent fighters to combat the Crisis Ghost, even after seeing it imposing as Ultraman Gaia. The fake guardian of Earth grabbed on of the XIG Fighters, Gamu Takayama then transformed into the true Ultraman Gaia and rescued the pilot. Both giants used their Photon Edges, and the imitator was quickly defeated and Crisis Ghost's new form was revealed, Meemos, a combination of Apatee's and Algyuros' bodies. Gaia quickly engaged in combat, but Meemos' used his new found metal organic powers to his advantage. After attacking Gaia, Meemos threw a fork at Gaia's neck that pinned him to the ground while his four active boomerangs lashed his hands and feet. But thanks to XIG's assault, Gaia was soon freed and transformed into Supreme Version. A short beating later, Gaia used the Photon Stream to blast Meemos' body out of existence. The Final Resolution A New Battle ~Version-up Fight!~


  • Meemos' legs and head were made from the Apatee suit while his chest was made from the Algyuros suit.
  • The Imitation Ultraman Gaia figure is a recolored Ultraman Gaia V1 release with a mix of sand color in the sliver parts.
    • This to imitate that Meemos is made of pieces of Algyuros and Apatee, and Apatee appeared in the desert and was knocked down once, so there are still sand in his pieces.
  • Meemos is currently the second imitator that capable of gully replicate an Ultra, other than Alien Babarue, Even though Meemos has Gaia's Version 1 Form & The Real Gaia has Version 2
  • Meemos is the first of Zogu's follower not to reside in or set foot on Galaxy M91.
  • Meemos' monster appearance was later featured in episode 83 of New Ultraman Retsuden: A New Battle! Gaia Version Up!


Crisis Ghost
Crisis Ghost.png

Even when Crisis was deactivated, the Crisis Ghost's program still survived and was able to infect systems in a rapid succession if it weren't for Atsuko's joystick gaming skills.

Imitation Ultraman Gaia

Imitation Ultraman Gaia


  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 43,000 t
  • Origin: Geo base


  • Photon Edge: Imitation Gaia can create a Photon Edge like Ultraman Gaia's. However, it is not as powerful as Gaia V2's original Photon Edge.
  • Armor: Imitation Gaia can survive attacks like the Photon Edge, but will be scarred from them.
  • Morph: Imitation Gaia can morph into his true form, Meemos.




  • Height: 52.5 m
  • Weight: 52,500 t
  • Origin: Geo base

Powers and Weapons

  • Metal Manipulation: Meemos can generate and manipulate the metal over his bodies in various manners. Among them are:
    • Transform: Meemos can transform the metal that is his body at will, an ability he took from Apatee.
    • Metal Boomerangs: Meemos can fire homing boomerangs from his body to attack the opponent.

Toy Release Info

Ultra Hero Series

  • Imitation Ultraman Gaia (Ultra Hero Series, 2002)
    • Release Date: March 2002
    • ID Number: EX

Instead of using the first Gaia figure's color as it's main coloration, Imit Ultraman Gaia is a redeco of the first Ultraman Gaia toy (or V2), and the figure sports a light metallic bronze (to represent that Meemos is made of pieces of Algyuros and Apatee, and Apatee appeared in the desert and was knocked down once, so there are still sand in his pieces) which replaces the sliver in this toy.


Bandai's Ultra-Act Gaia V1 was repurposed as Imitation Gaia/Meemos.

  • Ultraman Gaia - V1 (2014)
    • Release Date: 2014-04

A Tamashii Web exclusive, Ultraman Gaia V1 is a redeco of the V2 figure. He comes with a mini XIG fighter, to represent their attack on the fake Ultra.


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