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Mill Creek Entertainment is an American home video company. The company is officially licensed by Tsuburaya Productions to distribute and release Ultra Series media in the United States.


Mill Creek obtained the BCI Eclipse catalogue following that company being shut down by Navarre. They re-released several of BCI's Japanese titles such as Fight! Dragon and Super Robot Red Baron in new box sets shortly after the aquisition.

In 2009, Mill Creek re-released BCI's Ultraman sets, containing the original 1966 TV series, into one singular priced-down box set. Like BCI, this utilized the materials provided by Golden Media Group and Tsuburaya-Chaiyo due to the rights situation. However, this set lacked any of the features of that initial set and had several authoring issues with the English subtitles. Additionally, it was infamous for its first edition housing the discs in paper sleeves instead of standard trays. A second set was later released that gave the discs proper trays, but it did very little to boost their reputation with fans. 

In July of 2019, Mill Creek announced they had acquired the Ultraman library, with plans to release the subsequent series and films onto Blu-Ray and their digital streaming service, MovieSpree. The first two series to be released in October 2019 were Ultra Q and Ultraman, with plans for Ultraseven, Ultraman Orb, and Ultraman Geed revealed via a leaked advertisement slip.


With the release of Ultraseven, the Ultra Series releases by Mill Creek were labeled as 'The Ultra-Verse'.



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