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Mighty Jack (マイティジャック, Maiti Jakku) was a tokusatsu science fiction, espionage and action TV series created by Japanese effects wizard Eiji Tsuburaya and produced by Tsuburaya Productions. It was broadcast every week on Saturdays at 20:00 to 20:56 on Fuji TV from April 6 to June 29, 1968, with a total of thirteen 45-minute episodes. The following week, a sequel series titled Fight! Mighty Jack aired.

In 1986, a feature-length film of the same name consisting of footage from episodes 1 and 6 dubbed in English was released in the United States by American producer Sandy Frank. The same was done with footage of Star Wolf to form two films and Army of the Apes to create Time of the Apes, and all four films were shown as Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in 1988.


The music for the episodes was done by Isao Tomita. Reportedly, Eiji Tsuburaya considered this series his masterwork because the focus was on the people rather than on the vehicles and special effects (the show never had any monsters or aliens, as his more famous shows Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultraseven did.) This focus on the people was similar to the works of Gerry Anderson, of which Eiji was a big fan. The Mighty Jack mecha/HQ featured in this series also has some similarities to Eiji's previous TV masterpiece, Ultraseven.

Ratings were low for the series, although Fight! Mighty Jack fared better, perhaps because of its inclusion of monsters and aliens rather than purely human evil-doers like Q. The insignia of the titular heroic spy team also become the current logo for Tsuburaya Productions.[1]


"Mighty Jack" is a top-secret international peacekeeping organisation's 11 agents, established for the purpose of "defense", "construction" and "rescue". They fight the plots of the organisation known as "Q" with the technologically advanced flying Mighty-Gō, armed with an array of weapons. The show incorporated spy and mecha themes.



  • Hachiro Atari
  • Megumi Katsura
  • Ippei Amada
  • Takeshi Hanabusa
  • Yuzuru Murakami
  • Akira Genda
  • Mari Ichijou
  • Susumu Terakawa
  • Hideo Tamaki
  • Rokusuke Hattori
  • Mitsuru Tomii
  • Emma Yumita
  • Noboru Kawakami


  • Hachiro Atari (当 八郎, Atari Hachirō): Hideaki Nitani (二谷 英明, Nitani Hideaki)
  • Megumi Katsura (桂 めぐみ, Katsura Megumi): Naoko Kubo (久保 菜穂子, Kubo Naoko)
  • Ippei Amada (天田 一平, Amada Ippei): Hiroshi Minami (南 廣, Minami Hiroshi)
  • Takeshi Hanabusa (英 健, Hanabusa Takeshi): Akiyoshi Kasuga (春日 章良, Kasuga Akiyoshi)
  • Yuzuru Murakami (村上 譲, Murakami Yuzuru): Hideyo Amamoto (天本 英世, Amamoto Hideyo)
  • Akira Genda (源田 明, Genda Akira): Masanari Nihei (二瓶 正也, Nihei Masanari)
  • Mari Ichijou (一条 マリ, Ichijō Mari): Wakako Ikeda (池田 和歌子, Ikeda Wakako)
  • Susumu Terakawa (寺川 進, Terakawa Susumu): Noriaki Inoue (井上 紀明, Inoue Noriaki)
  • Hideo Tamaki (玉木 英雄, Tamaki Hideo): Yoshitaka Tanaka (田中 淑隆, Tanaka Yoshitaka)
  • Rokusuke Hattori (服部 六助, Hattori Rokusuke): Seigo Fukuoka (福岡 正剛, Fukuoka Seigo)
  • Mitsuru Tomii (富井 満, Tomii Mitsuru): Mitsuru Oya (大屋 満, Ōya Mitsuru)
  • Noboru Kawakami (川上 登, Kawakami Noboru): Goro Mutsumi (睦 五郎, Mutsumi Gorō)
  • Emma Yumita (弓田 エマ, Yumita Emma): Annu Mari (真理 アンヌ, Mari An'nu)
  • Gonosuke Yabuki (矢吹 郷之助, Yabuki Gōnosuke): Eijiro Yanagi (柳永 二郎, Yanagi Eijirō)


Opening Theme
  • Mighty Jack no Uta (マイティジャックの歌, Maiti Jakku no Uta, lit. "Song of Mighty Jack")

Home Media[]

Mighty Jack previously released on VHS and LaserDisc. A remaster of the series released on DVD across 6 volumes as part of the "Digital Ultra Series" series on January 27 and February 24, 2006. On January 21, 2013, Toei Video released a DVD box set of the series.[2][3][4]





  • In the third episode of the original video animation series Top o Nerae Gunbuster, a Cosmo Attacker V space fighter is seen being assembled for sortie. The way it is shown is a direct reference to the launch sequence of the Exoscout.[5][6]
    • In the storyboards for the sixth episode, the cross-shaped ships of the Galactic Center Assault Fleet’s 21st to 36th Fleets are described as “New Cruiser Class of MJs”.[7]
  • Hideaki Anno originally wanted to do a movie reboot of Mighty Jack before he was contacted to do Shin Ultraman.

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