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Mienin ( ミーニン Minin), whom originally known as by their true name Gamodama (ガモダマ), are a peaceful alien race which were destined to become the destructive monster Gamoran (ガモラン).


  • Mienin: Meteorite Small Rare Beast (隕石小珍獣 Inseki Sho Chinjū)
  • Gamoran: Meteorite Great Monster (隕石大怪獣 Inseki Dai Kaijū)


Ultraman Cosmos

One night, three meteorites fell onto the Earth. The first meteorite is a trunk box with the rest of them are unknown aliens' meteorite form. The trunk box was early discovered by Team EYES with the first alien meteorite fell into the hands of Nagano, a student who brings it to his friends at his school with the other one located at a factory where Shinobu finds it. However, once Doigaki successfully opened the trunk box, it activated the aliens. The first one at the factory was awakened with the Bio-Controller (バイオコントローラー Baio Kontorōrā) crown connects to it's forehead, turning it into Gamoran. While in Nagano's care it also awakes but the crown destroyed by his friend as they called it Mienin and brought it to Gamoran (since they mistake the giant for his father). Mienin tried to calm Gamoran but failed before Cosmos arrived. The kids tried to stop Cosmos from attacking Gamoran since one of the kids realizes that the first monster only became wild due to the crown. Cosmos fired several beams, destroying the crown and revert it to normal. Both of these aliens were sent to Kaburaya Island for protection. Present from the Sky

Mitoru was sent by her race to make a final test for humanity as she kidnapped a Mienin from Kaburaya Island and Musashi to prevent him from interfering her plan. When she placed the Bio-Controller crown on Mienin, it became Gamoran and terrorized the city. When Team EYES uses the other Mienin to calm his crazed friend, the space girl realizes that humanity was proven rational and decided to release Musashi so that he can transform into Cosmos and purify the monster. Final Test


  • Mienin as well as his mutated form, Gamoran, are tributes to the Ultraman Kaiju Pigmon and the Ultra Q Kaiju Garamon.
  • Gamoran II's suit was modified from Gamoran I suit where the modification was made for Gamoran II to fully resemble a Mienin.
  • Mienin was meant to be written as a monster in the past which lead to the foundation of SRC.

Ultraman Cosmos Vs Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle

In The Final Battle, the second Mienin accompanied Ikeyama in restoring Musashi after his defeat.

Ultraman Saga

Mienin later becomes the resident of Planet Juran as it can be seen talking with Chaos Header 0. It is also present on a cliff with Bolgils and Lidorias flying in the background. Ultraman Saga


  • Height: 1 ft
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Gamodama (ガモダマ): Mienin travels to other worlds in a meteorite that hatches like a egg when the box that the meteorite traveled with is opened.
  • Calmer Rings: Mienin can fire blue rings from his body to calm down other monsters. However, these are rather weak.

  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Electro Flash (エレクトロフラッシュ Erekutoro Furasshu): Gamoran can fire pink electric bolts from the jewel on his Bio Controller Crown that can cause dynamite sized explosions and shock opponents.
  • Strength: Gamoran is armed with abnormal strength making him as strong as Cosmos Corona Mode.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Gamoran is a extraordinary jumper.

Gamoran II
Gamoran II.jpg
  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Electro Flash (エレクトロフラッシュ Erekutoro Furasshu): Gamoran can fire pink electric bolts from the jewel on his Bio Controller Crown that can cause dynamite sized explosions and shock opponents.



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