Metal Kaiser (五龙奇剑士 Wǔ Lóng Qí Jiàn Shì) is the protagonist of the banned Chinese Metal Kaiser series. In the year 2052, a legendary sorcerer gives a mystical bracelet to Yuan Dong, a member of SAM (Science Analyze Mission), to allow him to transform into the giant super-human warrior, Metal Kaiser, armed with a magic sword and incredible martial arts skills.

Metal Kaiser

Metal Kaiser is also called the "Blue Dragon Swordsman". Yuan Dong utilizes the Crystal Bangle to transform into this superhero. Metal Kaiser has a jumping ability so amazing that he literally doesn't need to fly. The Crystal Bangle can be used as a sword to fight monsters and has many attacking techniques, such as "ShockWave Sword", "The Sword of Thunder", and "Open Shock Swords". He can also transform the sword into two blades when needed in battle.



  • The suit was completely made of a different material, unlike the Ultraman suits that are made of latex.
  • Metal Kaiser's design is loosely based on Ultraman, as well as the theme of his series.
  • Metal Kaiser makes an unannounced cameo in the DVD special feature of Rodan/War of the Gargantuas called Bringing Godzilla down to Size. He appears on a computer monitor inside the Tsuburaya Productions office. 
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