Metal Dinas (メタルダイナス Metaru Dainasu), Battle Dinas (バトルダイナス Batoru Dainasu) and Death Dinas (デスダイナス Desu Dainasu) are three beasts that appeared in the Ultraman Zearth Playstation game.

Subtitle: Super Machine Beast (超機獣 Chō-ki-jū)


  • Height: 78 m
  • Weight: 220,000 t
  • Origin: Benzene Laboratory



Powers and Abilities

All Three

  • Machine Guns: Located on all three type's hands are rapid fire machine guns.

Metal Dinas:

  • Metal Beam: From his mouth, Metal Dina can fire a beam.

Battle Dinas:

  • Missiles: Located in compartments all over his body, Battle Dina can fire a barrage of misses.

Death Dinas:

  • Ultrasound Beam: Using his mouth, Death Dina can spit a beam of pure ultrasound.
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