Mephisto Claw (メフィストクロー Mefisuto Kurō) is a two point claw weapon used by Dark Mephisto and Dark Mephisto Zwei.


Mephisto Claw is originally a darker version of Armed Nexus on the two Dark Giant's right arm. This weapon enables them to in melee attacks and launch a variety of beam techniques. It is also how Mephisto erects his Dark Field in Ultra form in a similar manner to a normal Armed Nexus.


Dark Mephisto's Use
  • Dark Field Deployment: Creating a Meta Field of a negative phase, strengthening Dark beings but weakening beings of Light like Ultraman, this is especially so when it overpowers Nexus' Meta Field.
  • Mephisto Shot (メフィストショット Mefisuto Shotto): Fires green energy blasts from the Mephisto claw.
    • Mephisto Hyper Shot (ハイパーメフィストショット Haipā Mefisuto Shotto): Fires more powerful shots, they are red in color.
Dark Mephisto Zwei's Use
  • Dark Phalanx (ダークファランクス Dāku Farankusu): Zwei can use his speed combined with Mephisto Claw's attack to attack the enemy in a fury.



  • The Mephisto Claw shares a similar design to Giragas's Cut Hooks.
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