"I am Captain of the Andromeda Nebula Branch of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. The name is Melos!"

―Melos, The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman

Melos (メロス Merosu) is an Ultra Warrior from the popular The・Ultraman manga series. He is Fightas' biological brother and the foster father of Aura



Melos appeared on Earth to fight the Jackal Army after the Ultra Brothers were defeated and executed. He managed to repel an army of monsters before removing his mask and armor to reveal himself to the army's commander. He later fought against the leading Jackal after traveling to Jackal's home planet, and although his opponent's shape shifting abilities put him at a disadvantage Melos managed to cut off a horn off of Jackal. Jackal begged for mercy and when Melos turned to leave, Jackal deactivated Melos' armor and caused a massive explosion. But Melos' effort allowed Zoffy to gain the necessary power and time to revive the Ultra Brothers and destroy Jackal. Melos survived the battle and was helped up by the Ultra Brothers. The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Super Galaxy Wars


Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness, The Jackal Legion's Revenge!





  • Cosmo Tector (コスモテクター Kosumo Tekuta): Melos wears armor that provides protection from dangerous hazards including immense energy attacks and protection from black hole. The armor can also be transferred to another Ultra under the right conditions. Melos can also pull apart the armor at will to offer wider range of protection from energy attacks.
    • Andrang (アンドラン Andoran): The plate on the armor's abdomen can also be thrown like a boomerang with the power to cut apart an enemy.
    • Andro Laser N75 (アンドロレーザーN75 Andoro Rēzā Enu Nana-jū Go): The shoulder pads on the armor can release a powerful beam of electric energy that can destroy an entire army of monsters.


  • Laser Shot Andro Melos (レーザーショット・アンドロメロス Rēzā Shotto Andoro Merosu): An Ultra Beam that can destroy an opponent in one hit.
  • Andro Kick (アンドロキック Andoro Kikku):



  • Melos' appearances inspired the design of Ultraman Xenon. However, his similarity to Ultraman Mebius is apparently by coincidence, according to the designer, as Mebius' face markings are inspired by the markings of the Tsushima Wildcat.
    • Because of Mebius and Melos' similarities, there are many fan theories speculating that they are father and son, though it is not mentioned by Tsuburaya Productions.


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