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Melba (メルバ Meruba), called by Yuzare as "the sky-cleaving monster" (空を切り裂く怪獣 Sora o Kirisaku Kaijū), is an ancient bird-like kaiju that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Tiga. He appeared in episode 1.

Subtitle: Ultra-Ancient Dragon (超古代竜 Chō Kodai Ryū)


Ultraman Tiga

Prophesied to return with Golza long ago, Melba emerged from the side of a mountain on Easter Island during the night and shortly after took off to join Golza in the destruction of humanity. Melba reunited with Golza as Golza was destroying Tiga's pyramid of light and assisted the Kaiju in destroying two of the three statues that resided in the pyramid. Before they could destroy the final statue, Daigo Madoka merged with it and Ultraman Tiga was reborn. Tiga was more than a match for both Kaiju and eventually, Golza's feet were broken during the battle after Tiga transformed into Power Type. Melba was left to defend its ally as Golza fled underground and was able to outmaneuver Tiga in Power Mode, but after Tiga transformed into Sky Type, the battle turned back to the Ultra's favor and Melba was destroyed by Tiga's Ranbalt Light Bullet after Tiga used his Tiga Sky Kick to knock the flying Kaiju to ground. Inheritance of Light


Ultraman Ginga S

In episode 7 and 8 of Ultraman Ginga S, Melba's Spark Doll were used by Alien Chibull Exceller to become Five King.

Ultraman Orb

Melba reappeared in episode six of the series Ultraman Orb as a Kaiju Card used by Alien Nackle Nagus in a card game alongside Jugglus Juggler and Alien Metron Tarude. The Forbidden Forest


Melba Data.png
  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 46,000 t
  • Origin: Underneath Easter Island
  • Flight Speed: Mach 6
Powers and Weapons
  • Melbanic Ray (メルバニックレイ Merubanikku Rei): Melba can charge and launch a rapid succession of powerful, highly explosive dart-like blasts of yellow energy fired from each of his eyes.
  • Slash Claws (スラッシュクロー Surasshu Kurō)/Cutter Hands (カッターハンド Kattā Hando): The claws on Melba's hands can be used as melee weapons.
  • Clubbed Feet: Melba's feet are solid club-like objects that can be used to batter foes while he's airborne.
  • Strong Beak: Melba's beak is strong enough to shatter solid stone without retaining any damage.
  • Flight: Melba's wings enable him to fly.
  • Screwdive (スクリューダイブ Sukuryūdaibu): An attack which involves Melba spins in a manner of a human bullet, then, strikes his opponent.
  • Sonic Melbanic Ray (ソニック・メルバニックレイ Sonikku Merubanikku Rei): A tag-team attack with Golza, Melba fly and delivers continuous flying kick attack while Golza charges its Ultrasonic Ray. After Golza had finished charging, Melba joined the former and launched its Melbanic Ray in unison with the former's attack. This attack cannot be made with Fire Golza.
Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders
  • Melbanic Attack (メルバニックアタック Merubanikku Atakku): A diving attack involved flying and ramming into the opponent.

Spark Doll

"MonsLive! Golza, Gan-Q, Melba, Reicubas, Super C.O.V.! Super Combination!"

Exceller MonsLiving himself with the Spark Dolls to become Five King.

In Ultraman Ginga S, Melba was revealed to be a part of Alien Chibu Exceller's collection.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Near the cliffhanger of episode 7 and episode 8, Melba, alongside Gan-Q, Golza, Reicubas, and Super C.O.V. was used by Exceller to become Five King. Melba's abilities were in used as seen giving Five King his wings and the Melbanic Ray were used in conjunction with Golza's Ultrasonic Ray. Melba was later destroyed by the combined strategic attack of Ultraman Ginga Strium and Ultraman Victory.



Ultraman Tiga


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