Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Coliseum DX: The Gathering of The Ultra Heroes! (大怪獣バトルウルトラコロシアムDX ウルトラ戦士大集結 Dai Kaijū Batoru Urutora Koroshiamu DX Urutora Senshi Dai Shūketsu) is an Arcade Action game from the Ultra published by Namco and Bandai and focuses on the Ultra Galaxy series. This game had created the Data Cardass version, which is Mega Monster Battle: RR.


There are not many changes the controls, the control are similiar to the previous installment. This game only has a few enhanced upgrades to the controls.

Playable Modes

Story Mode

In this mode you will able to follow the story of the Ultra Galaxy film.

Battle Mode

In this mode you will able to choose your favorite Monsters or Ultramen.

VS Mode

In this mode you can choose your favorite monsters. And you will faces an gymnastics such as jumping onto a skyscaper, playing volleyball, and a tug of war.

View Mode

In this mode you will able to read Monsters or Ultras info and character models.

Customize Mode

In this mode you can change skills, fighting teams, and battle cards.


You will be able to change the features that appeared in the game.

Playable characters

Ultra Warriors


Playable stages

  • Moon
  • City
  • Mountain
  • Forest (Night)
  • Forest (Evening)
  • Plasma Spark



  • This game has the largest amount of character in all Ultramen games franchise.
  • Because of the time of when it was made, the grunts for Ultraman Zero reused Ultra Seven grunts but are higher pitch and sped up.
    • Hence, this is the only time that Zero didn't use his original grunts produced by Mamoru Miyano.
  • The same as Zero, Belial has no grunts besides a very low pitched laugh.
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