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Mecha Musashin (メカムサシン Meka Musashin) is a samurai robot that first appeared in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. A robot warrior that had been acquired by Ignis at an unknown point during his travels, the Lishurian deployed Mecha Musashin to stall Ultraman Trigger, thus providing Ignis with the time he needed to locate and access the Eternity Core.

Subtitle: Clockwork Warrior (カラクリ武者 Karakuri Musha)[1]


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Mecha Musashin was a robot monster placed on the Earth by Ignis. He deployed it as a distraction against Kengo Manaka and Akito Hijiri while he was at the Eternity Core with Yuna Shizuma. Musashin would not appear unless a certain conspicuous button was pressed and, for some reason, Kengo's curiosity got the better of him and led him to push it despite Akito's advice and a note from Ignis warning not to do so.

Musashin came rolling into the battlefield with its umbrella weapon, and started blasting at Akito and Kengo. Kengo transformed into Ultraman Trigger to fight against the robot monster so that Akito can get to Yuna's position. Trigger disarmed Musashin, and then it took out a katana. In response, Trigger changed into Glitter Trigger Eternity and used the Glitter Blade to counter the monster's blade, but Musashin unleashed several other attacks that knocked Trigger down. The Nursedessei shot at Musashin with the Maxima Nurse Cannon, forcing it to put up a barrier. Trigger took the chance to slice Musashin's arms off using its own katana, leaving it vulnerable to the Maxima Nurse Cannon, which destroyed it.

Trigger later brought Musashin's katana to Trigger Dark during his final battle against Hudram. Last Game


  • Voice actor: Tomonobu Koshi
  • Suit actor: Satoru Okabe
  • Mecha Musashin's suit is modified from Gurenki's, which was modified from Mechazam's.


Mecha Musashin render.png
  • Height: 50 m[1]
  • Weight: 50,000 t[1]
  • Origin: Unknown, first appeared nearby the gate to Eternity Core.
Powers and Weapons
  • Janomegasser (ジャノメガッサー Janomegassā): A giant umbrella that fires fireballs from its tip.
  • Musashin Sword (ムサシンソード Musashin Sōdo): Mecha Musashin's katana and main weapon.
    • Fujiyama Slash Wave (フジヤマ斬波 Fujiyama Zanba): Purple arrow-shaped energy projectiles launched from the blade.
  • Hazy Moon Projectile (オボロ月 Oboro-tsuki): Musashin spins around and creates an energy ball that it launches towards the enemy.
  • Fallen Warrior Aura: Spirit Orb Wheel (落ち武者オーラ・ヒトダマ大車輪 Ochimusha Ōra Hitodama Daisharin): A ring of flames, with multiple instances of Musashin's face on the circumference.
  • Ukiyo-e Barrier (ウキヨ防壁 Ukiyo Bōheki): Musashin creates an Ukiyo-e woodblock painting of his head from energy that then solidifies into a large projection of his head, allowing him to block energy attacks against him.


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga


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