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―Mirai's transformation call

The Mebius Brace (メビウスブレス Mebiusu Buresu) is Mirai Hibino's transformation item which allows him to transform into his true form, Ultraman Mebius.


Ultraman Mebius

Before Mebius went to Earth, Father of Ultra gave him an item called the "Mebius Brace". This is used by him to fight in both human and Ultra form and to transform into his true form, Ultraman Mebius. A Fateful Encounter

When Hikari left Earth and gave Mebius his Knight Brace, the young Ultra was able to combine both bracers into the Knight Mebius Brace (ナイトメビウスブレス Naito Mebiusu Buresu). Pressure on Ultraman

After Gadiba transformed Ace Killer into Mebius Killer, the robot possessed a golden copy of the Mebius Brace. Threatening Mebius-Killer

Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers

When Mebius combined with the Ultra Brothers, he became more powerful as he took on Mebius Infinity. His Mebius Brace also became more powerful as it turned into a black variation of itself. Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers


Mirai's Use
  • Transformation: Mirai can transform into Ultraman Mebius through the Mebius Brace.
  • Mebium Slash: Just like in his Ultra form, Mirai can use the Mebium Brace to fire arrow-shaped energy bolts at his opponents.
  • Merge: The Mebius Brace and Knight Brace can combine together for Mebius to transform into Mebius Phoenix Brave.
Mebius' Use

  • Mebium Shoot (メビュームシュート Mebyūmu Shūto): Mebius' signature attack, a finishing ray with the temperature of 100,000 °C.
    • Cosmo Miracle Shoot: An enhanced version of the Mebium Shoot. Used in Ultraman Festival 2006, it is said to have the power to rival the Ultra Horn. It is similar to Super Ultraman Taro's Cosmo Miracle Ray from Ultraman Story.
    • Powered Up Mebium Shoot: A stronger version of the Mebium Shoot.
  • Mebium Blade (メビュームブレード Mebyūmu Burēdo): Mebius can create a yellow energy blade from the Mebius Brace that can slice through monsters with ease.
  • Mebium Slash (メビュームスラッシュ Mebyumu Surasshu): Mebius can launch arrow-shaped, missile-strength blasts from the Mebius Brace. These can also be fired as rapid energy darts. This can be done in his human form as well.
  • Lightning Counter (ライトニングカウンター Raitoningu Kauntā): Mebius places his right hand over the Mebius Brace, spinning the crystal, it is charged with energy and he releases a powerful beam of lightning in an infinity pattern via a punch.
    • Lightning Counter Zero (ライトニングカウンター・ゼロ Raitoningu Kauntā Zero): The point blank version of the technique, instead of firing a beam Mebius punches the opponent and releases the energy.
  • Mebium Pinger (メビュームピンガー Mebyūmu Pingā): Mebius, using the Mebius Brace, can emit a wave made up of large, yellow energy rings from his right palm. These can dispel illusions of any kind or undo disguises.
  • Mebium Charge (メビュームチャージ Mebyūmu Chāji): Mebius charges energy with the Mebius Brace on his fist and spins at high speeds, creating rings of energy to free the Ultra Brothers from their crucifixes.
  • Mebium Pitfall: Mebius can quickly gather energy from Mebius Brace and slam the charged hand onto the ground, creating a pitfall. Though, Mebius only uses this technique to hinder himself from opponents.
  • Form Change: Mebius can change into different forms with his Mebius Brace.
    • Form Change Via Knight Brace: By summoning the Knight Brace, Mebius can assume his Mebius Brave form by combining both bracers into the Knight Mebius Brace (ナイトメビウスブレス Naito Mebiusu Buresu).
  • Merge: The Mebius Brace and Knight Brace can combine together for Mebius to transform into Mebius Phoenix Brave.

Knight Mebius Brace

  • Mebium Knight Blade (メビュームナイトブレード Mebyūmu Naito Burēdo): An enhanced version of the Mebium Blade that bears characteristics of the Knight Beam Blade.
    • Variable Blade Size: Mebius can create, from the Knight Mebius Brace on his left hand, a large yellow blade, even larger than the normal Mebium Knight Blade. This can extend to longer sizes.
      • Blade Overload (ブレードオーバーロード Burēdo Ōbārōdo): Using an already extended Mebium Knight Blade, Mebius can slice enemy easily from a far distance.
    • Blade Slash (ブレードスラッシュ Burēdo Surasshu): Mebius can charge the Mebium Knight Blade with energy, and by swinging it, he can emit a half moon shape slash ray from the sword.
    • Blade Shoot (ブレードシュート Burēdo Shūto): Mebius can charge the Mebium Knight Blade's power to release a powerful blade beam. Can destroy a monster in one hit.
    • Acti-Blade Attack (アクティブレードアタック Akutiburēdo Atakku): Mebius rushes towards his enemy then quickly executes a cross slash that will form an 8-shaped symbol, the energy surges into the enemy destroying them.
    • Passi-Blade Attack (パッシブレードアタック Passhiburēdo Atakku): A defensive technique to reflect the enemy's attacks.
    • Mebium Knight Blade Attack (メビュームナイトブレードアタック Mebyūmu Naito Burēdo Atakku): Mebius swings his blade in the air in the shape of his symbol. The image became a construct and with another swing is sent flying towards the enemy cutting the symbol into them and causing them to explode.
    • Spin Blade Attack (スピンブレードアタック Supin Burēdo Atakku): Mebius can spins himself, before cut his opponent with the Mebium Knight Blade. Any beam attack will simply reflect, when Mebius spins himself. It is first used in episode 19 to defeat Daigarugu.

  • Mebium-Knight Shoot (メビュームナイトシュート Mebyūmu Naito Shūto): Mebius can fire a '+' style beam that combines the power of both Mebium and Knight Shoot. Mebius can lower his arms to fire a 'L' style version which is more powerful. Mebius can immediately use the 'L' style version of the beam after charging, used against Armored Darkness. In Ultraman Fusion Fight!, Mebius starts the technique by firing the '+' version, damaging the opponent, before lowering his left hand into the 'L' version to finish them off.
  • Mebium Phoenix (メビュームフェニックス Mebyūmu Fenikkusu): Mebius' final attack in Mebius Phoenix Brave where he performs an extremely powerful version of the Mebium Dynamite, then flies straight towards the opponent acting as a human bullet. Powerful enough to fatally wound even Alien Empera.
  • Mebium Twin Sword (メビュームツインソード Mebyūmu Tsuin Sōdo): Mebius is able to create twin blades from both the Mebius Brace and Knight Brace. This is only appeared in the arcade game Mega Monster Battle RR, the successor of Mega Monster Battle ULTRA MONSTERS.

  • Mebius Infinity ver. (メビウスインフィニティーver. Mebiusu Infinitī Bājon): After merging with the Ultra Brothers to become Mebius Infinity, the Mebius Brace then transforms into a black variation of itself. It is considered an empowered version of the Mebius Brace.
    • Cosmo Miracle Attack (コスモミラクルアタック Kosumo Mirakuru Atakku): Using the empowered Mebius Brace, Mebius covers himself in a prismatic aura. Mebius can fly straight into an enemy and rupture it from the inside out. This attack is strong enough to kill the likes of U-Killersaurus Neo in one hit.

  • Glitter Mebium Shoot (グリッターメビュームシュート Gurittā Mebyūmu Shūto): An upgraded version of the Mebium Shoot.




  • The Mebius Brace was originally intended to serve as Mebius' Color Timer upon transformation.
  • The spinning ball on the Brace is called the Crystal Circle (クリスタルサークル Kurisutaru Sākuru).
  • The design theme of the Mebius Brace is fire.
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