Mazarius (マザリュース Mazaryūsu) was a Terrible-Monster from Ultraman Ace that was created by Yapool. He appeared in episode 24.

Subtitle: Different Dimension Terrible-Monster (異次元超-獣 Ijigen Chōjū)


Ultraman Ace

Mazarius was one of Yapool's Terrible-Monster which he created by using a pregnant woman named Yoshiko and turning her into Yojo. Yojo performed a ritual to create Mazarius, who then terrorized the area. All of TAC's attacks were proven futile due to the monster not entirely existing. When a TAC member was about to shoot Yojo, Kenta, who was her son, defended her. Angered at his mother turning evil, he took a stone that he brought along which was the source for all of the trouble and threw it to her, reverting Yojo to normal and thus erasing Mazarius from existence. Look! A Giant Transformation in the Middle of the Night

In the final episode of Ultraman Ace, Mazarius, along with Mazaron Man, Cowra and Unitang returned as ghosts, and were combined into the powerful Terrible-Monster Jumbo King by Yapool. Tomorrow's Ace Is You!


  • Mazarius' suit is a modified Sabotendar suit.
  • Mazarius' roars are modified baby cries.
  • Despite ceasing to exist instead of actually dying, Mazarius was incorporated into the body of Jumbo King.
    • This might due to it being the "child" of Yojo.


  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 0
  • Origin: Yapool's Dimension
  • Weakness: Mazarius's life force was linked to Yojo's maternal energy. If the woman reverts to normal, Mazarius will cease to exit.
Powers and Weapons
  • White Smoke: Mazarius can shoot a white cloud of smoke from its mouth.
  • Intangibility: Mazarius itself was intangible, enabled it to prevent attacks.


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