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Mayuko (眉子 Mayuko) was a little girl that appeared in Ultraman Leo.


Ultraman Leo

A servant of Blizzard, she was sent to eliminate all scientists of the Black Star research team so that they would not interfere Black Directive in his evil plans. One day, she was bullied by a group of children until Toru (Gen Otori/Ultraman Leo's student) saved her, though she knew few words, the boy grew attached to her and spent the rest of the day with her. But the moment he left her company, the voice of Black Directive came threw her doll, commanding her.

He got Gen, who was suspicious of the girl, believing her to be connected to Black. The two investigated the next day, each thing seeming to further prove Gen’s theory were correct. They discovered a man being attacked by the girl’s doll and it attempted to freeze him. Then it attacked them and chased them, trying to do the same. The girl got the doll and tried to attack them but Gen got it away and tried to destroy it. The girl reclaimed the doll and froze a policeman, then ran to the lake, summoning Blizzard from the depths and returning to her. She was presumed killed along with Blizzard after Leo annihilate the saucer Kaiju along with her inside.


  • Actress: Kyoko Ikeda
  • According to the Sachuku Magazine, Toru speculated that Mayuko was actually a human girl that mind-controlled by Blizzard. Whether this information is canon or not is unknown.


  • Height: Humanlike
  • Weight: Humanlike
  • Origin: Presumably Black Star
Powers and Weapons
  • French Doll: The little girl possessed a French Doll which appeared harmless but actually enabled her to make contact with Black Directive. The doll can release a freezing breath that can freeze victims to death.


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