Maxium Sword
Maximum Sword
User(s): Ultraman Max
Nature: Crest Weapon
Powers: Combat uses
First Appearance: Ultraman Max Episode 1: "Ultraman Max Arrives!"
Status: Still in use

The Maxium Sword (マクシウムソード Makushiumu Sōdo) is a crest weapon used by Ultraman Max and it is stored at his crest when not in use. It is similar to Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.


The blades name comes from its owner, Ultraman Max and the fact that it serves as a blade. Thus Maxium Sword.


Like all Crest Weapons, the Maxium Sword is stored on the user's head as a crest. It can be thrown and controlled mentally and cut through even dense objects. Like others, it can be used in hand-to-hand combat, but can also fire light bullet at an enemy and act as a defense against enemy energy attacks.

Unlike others, it seems to have the natural ability to multiply itself, each copy under the user's mental control. 

  • Sword Slash (ソードスラッシュ Sōdo Surasshu): Max's main attack when using the Maxium sword. A deadly attack that splits opponent's down the middle.
  • Maxium Sword Cloning Shoot (マクシウムソード分身シュート Makushiumu Sōdo Bunshin Shūto): Max can multiply his Maxium Sword into many copies, decimating the opponent.


  • IF: After being thrown with Max's Maxium Sword, the fourth form IF adapted into the attack and produced two identical copies of the blade. However, it launches straight into the target and had not returned to IF.



  • The Maxium Sword is the first Crest Weapon that does not completely remove it's owners head crest.
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