Max Galaxy (マックスギャラクシー Makkusu Gyarakushī) is a bracer used by Ultraman Max, delivered to him by his superior, Ultraman Xenon. Max puts the Max Galaxy on his right arm, summoned by raising his left arm up. Max uses this bracer when an opponent begins to wear him down, with the Max Galaxy, he can fire the powerful Galaxy Cannon.


Ultraman Max

Originally owned by Ultraman Xenon, it was given to Ultraman Max during the battle with Zetton. Since then Max has used it in various battles.

When Max was defeated, the Max Galaxy was used by DASH to recharge solar energy and revive him. Kaito joined with the object in the middle of delivering it to merge with the fossilized Max. Upon his revival, Max used all of the powers in the Max Galaxy and utilized a larger Galaxy Sword to defeat Giga Berseke.

Ultraman X

Max lends Ultraman X a portion of his powers (in the form of a Cyber Card) after they defeated Alien Sran and Zetton.

X later uses the card to summon the Max Galaxy and destroys King Joe.


  • Solar Energy Absorption: The Max Galaxy original purpose is to deliver extra solar energy to its user.
  • Galaxy Cannon (ギャラクシーカノン Gyarakushī Kanon): A deadly ray from the Max Galaxy, more powerful than the Max Cannon.
  • Barrier Field (バリアフィールド Baria Fīrudo): An energy beam from the Max Galaxy that erects a powerful shield, used to disable King Joe, and contain an explosion from Red King. Can also be used to restrict the opponent's movement
  • Galaxy Sword (ギャラクシーソード Gyarakushī Sōdo): A blade of energy conjured from the Max Galaxy.
    • Galaxy Sword Maximum Power (ギャラクシーソード最大パワ Gyarakushī Sōdo Saidai Pawa): It also has another form called the Power Galaxy Sword used when Max is at his largest, in that form its blade reaches 900 meters into space.


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